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Spotlights is a monthly short film night at Hackney Attic that shines a light on the work and practice of outstanding new filmmakers.

At each event, three emerging filmmakers are given just half an hour each to showcase and talk about their films, providing a gripping insight into their background, ideas and filmmaking process. At the end of the night they all take part in a Q&A, giving audiences the chance to probe further.

This provides filmmakers with an opportunity to screen a body of work in a relaxed but supportive environment and gain experience of talking about their work in public, as well as the chance to meet other like-minded creatives. If you are selected, you will take over one third of the bill, and get mentioned extensively on promotional materials and social media.

We are currently looking for filmmakers to take part in events between August 2014 and April 2015. If you would like to be considered for a slot, please fill out our application form by 10pm on Friday 30th May.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • You must have enough work to fill a 30 minute slot during which you can present films and/or film clips and discuss your work. We find that the more short films and extracts the better, as it gives a broader overview of the participant's working style and gives variety to the evening. Usually 80% film, 20% talking works just fine.
  • You must present at least two films.
  • You should be comfortable with public speaking and able to talk about your work confidently and concisely.
  • Attendance is compulsory, so you must be able to attend your designated event for the entire evening, which will last from approximately 18.45-22.30*.
  • Spotlights is based in East London, so we strongly recommend filmmakers to be London-based, or be in a position to travel to London for the duration of their designated event.

* You will state your availability on your application form and, if you are selected, we will work to accommodate your schedule. Please note: You will increase your chances of being selected if you can give us at least two possible dates to work with.

We appreciate your efforts to commit to your designated event, but if for some unforeseen reason you find that you can no longer make it, we ask that you try to give us as least 6 weeks notice so that we have time to find a replacement. Unfortunately, if this happens we won't be able to reschedule you until our next call for applications.

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