Lights and magic - celebrating three years of Whirlygig Cinema

Last Saturday we celebrated our 3rd birthday with a very special party up in the Hackney Attic. To try and reflect what we do in our own events, we laid on a programme of live audiovisual treats for everyone to enjoy. The party was opened by audiovisual duo Emily Bailey and ACRA who jump-started our senses with digital loops of celluloid animation and powerful electronic beats.

We then showcased the ten films that had been made especially for this event, by filmmakers that have all screened at Whirlygig Cinema in the past. All these films were made in response to the theme 'SPIN', using our logo as inspiration. It was a huge pleasure and honour to screen these films and they all received a massive response. The filmmakers that made films were: Inga Burrows, Dominic Currie, Tim Graham (cinema iloobia), Ed Hartwell, Helen Nias, Erika Pál, Sellotape Cinema, Andrei Sopon, Natasha Tonkin and Jayne Wilson. We will be putting the films online soon for everyone to enjoy.

Then followed two mind-blowing performances from (in our eyes) audiovisual giants. The magnificent and mysterious Nordic Giants set the place alight with their primeval soundtracks to carefully-selected short films. Then we witnessed a first-time AV collaboration between moving image maestro Max Hattler and electronica egghead My Panda Shall Fly.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us; Whirlygig wouldn't be the same without the wonderful people that come to our events and support us in what we do for filmmakers. Here's to the next three years!

See photos from the event, taken by Paige Gresty and John Steed.

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