Whirlygiggles - 30th March 2012

Whirlygiggles is back! After a popular debut last year, we will return to The Horse Hospital with a fresh crop of of funny short films that are guaranteed to slap a smirk on everyone’s faces.

As we go about our mission to expose new and emerging filmmaking talent, we will present a hilarious programme of dramas, animations, mockumentaries and more. Join us as we explore the different ways of approaching humour through the lens of a video camera and spend the night with the next generation of comedy filmmakers. Whatever turns you on, be it witty scriptwriting, surrealist animation or silly spoofs, be sure to come down to The Horse Hospital on Friday 30th March to have the last laugh.

Friday 30th March, 7.30pm (films start 8pm)
The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1JD

Wild Life by Kevin Maynard (2011)

If you fill your house with animals don’t be surprised when there’s blood in the bathtub.

Kevin Maynard has written, produced and directed a number of low budget short films under the production company Whippoorwill Films. Along the way he has received screenings at international festivals including Branchage Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, the East End Film Festival, Porto Film Festival and Ohne Kohle Experimental Film Festival in Vienna. He is currently working on a feature film script about an anxious milkman.

8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE! by Liam Tate & Jamie Stanton (2009)

Retro animated fun for the Nintendo generation!

Since forming in 2009, tea&cheese (Liam Tate & Jamie Stanton) have created a string of hilarious, irreverent and popular virals on YouTube gaining widespread critical acclaim, an army of fans and official selection at major film festivals across the world. Their debut short 8-Bit Waterslide in REAL LIFE! amassed over half a million hits and won them the £10,000 grand prize in a Youtube film competition. It also reached no.8 in the Viral Video Chart, was voted number 1 animation of all-time on newgrounds.com and recently aired on Comedy Central.

Arnold's Anonymous by KillTV (2011)

Arnold's Anonymous is a self help group for people socially afflicted by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

KILLTV are a collective of three lovers of comedy and film - Tony Marrese, Benham Salavati and Alex Lopera. Together for almost 4 years now, they have sold work to current TV and have also been commissioned by Channel 4. Their unique style of comedy shtick is born of a love for everything wacky, and filmic, with undertones of the surreal. They are quickly mastering the art of longer story telling with their comedy style, with two sitcom ideas under development at present.

One Other Thing by Carlo Ortu (2010)

Matt comes home to discover his girlfriend has left him. Matters don’t improve when his best friend, Tom, persuades him to leave her a revealing phone message.

Carlo has written and directed a number of shorts and one low-budget feature film. He has won awards and had his work screened at numerous national and international film festivals.

The Shot by Chris Thomas (2012)

A young boy can't quite believe what he's done when he is left to look after the car.

Chris Thomas graduated from the University of Creative Arts Farnham in 2011. Since then, Chris has worked freelance on a number of well-received independent projects, including a several of short films and documentaries. His directional debut ‘The Water’s Edge’ has been screened internationally, and is currently in the process of feature development. Chris will be soon working on his next short ‘The Urban Explorers’, which is being filmed this Summer in his hometown Lincoln.

Hold Me Clothes by Evgenia Golubeva (2011)

A funny story from the life of an Italian shirt.

Evgenia Golubeva studied Directing of Animation and Screenwriting in the University of Cinema and TV, Russia. After graduation she travelled the world with her short film Animal and now lives and works in London. She has also made a comic book which is due to be published in Russia soon.

The First Zombie by Jeff Norton (2011)

A lonely zombie, fresh from the grave, struggles to get back the family life he once took for granted. Sometimes even the living dead deserve a second chance.

Jeff Norton is a writer-director, author, and creative producer. As an up-and-coming director, Jeff has shot two short films, and two music videos. As a writer, he has created numerous books and is writing two feature films. He is currently developing The Calling, his first feature film to direct. Before moving to London, Jeff produced the critically acclaimed interactive film Choose Your Own Adventure in Los Angeles.

The Morning After by Jen Moss (2011)

It is the morning after Halloween and Angel awakens to the chaotic debris of the night before. She stumbles around her flat, tripping over party-goers who didn’t quite make it home...and never will.

Jen Moss works as a music supervisor for a major record label but her true passion has always been film. Her first short, Dumped, showed her writing and directing potential, and she has since undertaken several directing courses. The Morning After (starring Kate Nash), was premiere at the Vue West End for the Frightfest All Nighter and won Best Film at the Rotoreliefs Halloween Short Film Showcase.

Buon Giorno Sayonara by Karen Hope (2010)

Romance bridges the language gap in a short-but-sweet romance between two foreign tourists.

Karen is an award winning British short story writer and playwright for theatre and radio. Her feature scripts, Ladykilaz and Foreign Lands are currently in development with Aria Films. Karen previously directed for theatre and Buon Giorno Sayonara is her debut as short film director.

The Reward by Lucy Patrick Ward (2010)

Two alienated New Yorkers are united over the disappearance of Mr. Puggles.

Lucy is a young British Writer/Director who has written and directed two shorts, both enjoying great international festival success. Returning to the UK in 2010 after a 3 year stint in New York, Lucy is passionate about creating British content. She also directs music videos, and promos, and has recently set up her own Production company with a slate that includes another short that she is writing/directing.

Best Before by Mark Boggis (2010)

It is one minute to midnight and a young couple are quickly running out of time.

Mark Boggis has been working in the film and television industry for the past twelve years. He spends most of his time working as a director, cinematographer and editor on corporate, commercials, music promos and drama.

When Tickling Goes Wrong, Part One by Molly Brown (2011)

A spoof 1950s-style public information film.

Molly Brown is a widely-published author whose work has been translated into more than a dozen languages, with several of her stories having been optioned for film and/or television. She started making short films on her phone a little over a year ago.

Teddy Goldblatt by Rob Munday (2010)

One lemon's psychedelic odyssey through a post-apocalyptic London.

Rob Munday is interested in the personal, the subjective, and the oddness of the everyday. He has made short films spanning many genres from experimental to romance, documentary to comedy, each time trying to create particular worlds that show how their characters think and feel. If there is such a thing as surreal truth then that’s what he’s looking for.

The One About The Sheep by Toby Roberts (2009)

How do you tell someone you love you’ve been intimate with a farm animal?

After studying Film & Television at University of California, Los Angeles, Toby began as a writer for television. Since then he's directed commercials, music promos, documentaries and live events. Four of his short films have been selected at 96 international film festivals winning 10 awards. Toby is currently developing his feature debut, a family comedy about three kids on the run in the wilderness of the south western States of America called Four For The Border.

Blessed Be The Burekas by Dani Landau (2009)

The story of one man's quest to spread spirituality in the UK through the medium of cheese filled pastries.

Dan is a traveling salesman cum film maker who is handy with a camera and a surfboard. He started his career in film as a an actor but these days he is happiest telling stories from behind the camera. He set up set up Seven Films in 2006 to produce films that inspire, educate, oh and entertain!