Spotlights #5 - 11th December 2012

Whirlygig Cinema presents SPOTLIGHTS – a brand new series of short film nights focusing on the work and practice of new filmmakers.

Three emerging filmmakers are given just half an hour each to present their work, providing audiences with a gripping insight into their work and practise, whilst traversing a range of styles and genres.

Screening in the cosy basement bar of Trangallan Restaurant, Newington Green, Spotlights will strive to create a regular meeting place for filmmakers and film-lovers, showcasing hand-picked emerging film talent in a relaxed and intimate environment.

Doors 7.30pm. Tickets are £5, or £4 in advance.
Booking is recommended due to limited capacity.

Trangallan, 61 Newington Green, London, N16 9PX

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Chamoun Issa

Chamoun was born in Beirut and grew up during the civil war. When bombs were raining outside his parents would keep him indoors and let him to watch films. He watched a lot of films. A lot. It was therefore no surprise when he grew up he wanted to make films.

He studied directing at the National Film & Television School and his short films have won prestigious awards, screening at international festivals and on national TV. He directs virals and commercials and is developing his first feature film.

David Higgs

David Higgs is a filmmaker based in North London. After spending 18 months signed to the production company Stamp Films to direct music videos, David took a step away from the industry to concentrate on his own personal work.

After attending the Werner Herzog Rogue Film School in early 2011, he embarked on making his first short film, The Last Ten, which was selected by The Brussels Short Film Festival to be screened as part of the 'Nuit de Court' programme and more recently at the San Francisco International Film Festival. In October of this year he directed his second short film, 'Buoy', up on the east coast of Scotland. It is currently in post-production and scheduled for completion at the beginning of December. His last music video for Zulu Winter, released in August of this year, saw him be picked up by Archers Mark, a music video and commercials production company based in Shoreditch. He is also begun developing his first feature film.

Mark Bowsher

Mark Bowsher has been making films since he was 14 when he borrowed his Grandpa’s video camera to shoot comedy sketches with his friends. He stills writes and directs comedy through his sketch show CAFLTtv. His film ‘Brenda’ won Best Short, Best Screenplay and Best Actress at 2 Days Laughter in 2011. This year, his film ‘The Watchers’ won Best Short at New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles and his short, ‘Only One Person Will Like This Film’, screened in the Best Short category at Screen Stockport. He currently has 2 screenplays under his belt and is wondering what the hell to do with them.