Spotlights: Animation - August 2014

Whirlygig Cinema’s Spotlights is a short film night that shines a light on the work and practice of outstanding new filmmakers.

Every month, three emerging filmmakers are given just 30 minutes each to screen and talk about their films, providing a gripping insight into their background, ideas and filmmaking process. At the end of the night they take part in a Q&A, giving audiences the chance to probe further.

Taking place on the first Wednesday of every month, each event is inspired by a particular theme or genre. From animation to art, screenwriting to sci-fi, Spotlights strives to create a regular meeting place for filmmakers and film-lovers, showcasing handpicked film talent in a relaxed and intimate environment.

Spotlights in August will focus on animation, giving a platform to three exciting and diverse animators: Martin Pickles, Edwin Rostron and Stella Salumaa.

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Martin Pickles

Martin is a London-based filmmaker who specialises in 2D, hand-drawn animation.

Originally from North Yorkshire, he studied Classics at Oxford and Animation at the Royal College of Art. His 2007 graduation film, Like Me, Only Better, was shown at seventy festivals.

He works as a freelance commercial animator, whilst at the same time producing short films for festival and gallery exhibition. His films tend to be Surreal comedies, but he also contributes to Kerry Baldry's One Minute touring programme of artists' films and videos. His most recent film is a collaboration with artist and singer Mikey Georgeson.

He also teaches Flash animation part-time at City Lit and curates London Animation Club, a monthly screening and networking event for animators.

Stella Salumaa

Born in Tallinn, Estonia, Stella Salumaa is now living and working in London.

With a Masters in Animation and a BA in Cultural Theory, Stella has made several animated films. She is active in the making of music videos and was one in a group of animators making TELEMISCOMMUNICATION by Imogen Heap and Deadmau 5, and presently has 2 others underway. Her films have been included in international film festivals such as one in Annecy, France.

In past months, Stella completed the design and animation of a short animated films about Estonian history for people who are interested of learning more about Estonia and its language. She also published a comic book about her trip to New York called CHICKEN SOUP WITH FEATHERS in 2013.

Edwin Rostron

Edwin Rostron is an artist and filmmaker based in London. He studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and Animation at the Royal College of Art. He has been making films since 1997 and has shown his work extensively at film festivals and art galleries around the world. His blog features interviews with fellow experimental animators, exploring the ideas and processes behind their work.