Making Tracks - 21st October 2011

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking short film event that offers totally unique way for new and established filmmakers to get their work seen. The idea is very simple: Whirlygig Cinema select a bunch of visually exciting short films and strip them of their original soundtracks, ready to be re-scored live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema in front of your very eyes. Expect an eclectic programme of animation, music videos and experimental film, brought to life by a range of instruments and ideas from a band of film score artists at the very top of their game.

Friday 21st October 2011, 7.30pm
Rich Mix Bar, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

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Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers by Olivia Humphreys (2011)

Olivia is a documentary filmmaker based in London and recently completed a Masters in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths. Her graduation film won the Royal Television Society award for Best Postgraduate Factual Film and the Best Documentary award at Exposures Film Festival. Her films have been screened in over forty festivals worldwide.

"In the ten years since she died, my mother has made regular appearances in my dreams." 'Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers' considers how these 'meetings' have changed over time.

Animation: Veselina Dashinova and Meg Bisineer
Composer: Shahin Kanafchian

Aqueous Duende by Jason Elberts (2010)

Originally from Stevenage, Jason now attends university in Derby. Throughout the past few years here he has been introduced to a mass of cultural and artistic influences that have moulded his current work. For Jason, the essence of cinema is about escapism and his films develop this theme through his ability to amalgamate the tropes of mainstream cinema with his background in avant-garde and experimental moving image work.

Strongly influenced by and reminiscent of the work of Darren Aronofsky and Chris Parks, Aqueous Duende is a venture into another world, far removed from reality, which takes the viewer on a voyage of beauty and light.

Asst. Editor – Emma Gillespie

XII by David Lifton (2011)

Based in the South West, David Lifton uses a mixture of traditional animation techniques and digital effects to create worlds that are both powerful and vivid. Through the exploration of materials such as sand, 2D and back projection his films strive to inspire and engage with the very notion of being human.

XII is a sand animated film based on a personal experience. The film views the fragility of life and how impacting death can be on a relationship between a Mother and her Son.

The Kids and the Bike by Mazin Mahdi-Sherabayani (2011)

Born in Iraqi / Kurdistan in the city of Kerkuk, Mazin moved to Britain in 1999 and has since been participating in various Kurdish and other theatre and film groups. He studied at London Metropolitan and achieved a degree in Digital Media and Cultural Studies. Meanwhile, he studied different directing, scriptwriting, acting and camera courses in London City University and went on to make short films and documentaries both in Europe and Kurdistan.

'The Kids and the Bike' features a remote village in Kurdistan where a group of kids become obsessed with the Postman's bicycle and try to steal it. Finally, the struggle turns into a friendship.

Naseer Hasan (Producer), Arain Salih (D.O.P), Amir Taha (Editor), Dastan Nouri (Cast)

Again by Tom E. Rendall (2011)

Recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art, Tom E. Rendall is a filmmaker working in a variety of styles and media. He is interested in animation’s potential to represent the internal world of psychological states and its ability to present difficult, real-life subject matter in an alternative way.

'Again' is a short animated film inspired by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A man’s obsession leads to compulsive, repeated actions that begin to consume his life.

The 30 Second War by Nathanael Bauer (2010)

Nathanael Bauer is a director and cinematographer, currently studying at Met Film School. Heavily influenced by the natural beauty of his homeland Australia, Nathanael draws his inspiration from ‘the places where people cling to life,’ whether that be wild rural landscapes or bustling architectural metropolitan cities.

'The 30 Second War' is a film about a lone wanderer's struggle to signal to any other living soul in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Searching the ruins for signs of life he is revisited by images of the past and a peaceful childhood before the war. As found objects trigger ever increasing memories, so does his desperate attempts to make contact with any survivors.

Actor - Thomas Bauer
Actor - Aaron Jones
Post Production - Kew Lin
Original Score - Mathew Brooke

Under Your Skin by Yuval Gerstein and Cristina Picchi (2011)

Yuval Gerstein is a guitarist and music producer. After completing his undergraduate degree in jazz performance, Yuval was guitarist/vocalist for the band Cooloolooh and played at festivals including the Montreal jazz fest and New York's Highline festival. He is currently studying for an MA in Creative Practice at Goldsmiths focusing on music production, film scoring and music technology.

Cristina Picchi is an Italian documentary filmmaker and writer. Having achieved her degree in European Literature at the University of Pisa, she is about to complete her MA in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths College. As a filmmaker she has directed and edited the documentaries 'Fragments of a Dream' (2011) and 'The Disassociated'. Her written work includes short stories and contributions to award-winning books.

This immersive audio-visual project sets out to explore carefully chosen Olympic sports from a fresh angle. Portraits of local London-based athletes are captured, revealing a world which sports fans do not normally have access to in television broadcasts and interviews. Three very different but complementary moments during their training are explored - preparation, participation and rest.

Director - Cristina Picchi
Sound design - Yuval Gerstein

A Picture of Tomorrow's World by Heidi Stokes (2011)

Heidi Stokes is an artist living and working in London. She completed an MA in fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London in 2001 and now works in digital media, primarily animation. She has exhibited internationally and nationally and was most recently selected for Animacall 2011 Thessaloniki (Greece) and the Cologne OFF IIV International video art film festival.

'A Picture of Tomorrows World' examines the consequences of a world were the cost of living is so high, that enlarged trunks become places to live for the rich and renting out a parking lot become’s the norm for the average person. While the film is played a narrator speaks of his own real experience of poverty.

Narrator - Lucas Golding

Light Water Glass by Meg Bisineer (2011)

Meghana Bisineer is an Animation filmmaker and artist based in London. She graduated with an MA in Animation Film from the Royal College of Art in 2006. She has since completed artist residencies and held teaching positions in London, New Delhi and Bangkok. As a freelance animator she has worked on several short films commissioned by Channel 4, Amnesty International and MTV Europe among others. Meg was awarded the Man Drawing Prize in 2006 and the Audience Award in the International Festival of Cinema and Technology in 2008. Her films have been screened at several festivals including the Annecy, Oberhausen, London and Hiroshima International Film Festivals. She recently completed an Artist Residency at the Saison Poetry Library, South bank Centre, where she was invited to make work on the windows of the Festival Hall.

Meticulously working frame by frame with drawing and time lapse photography, Meg explores the nature of time and personal memory in relation to urban spaces. She is interested in the dialogue between the emotional and physical geographies, and a third geography which takes form as a result of this overlapping. In 'Light Water Glass', diving figures spill out from a notebook onto / into the glass window and the landscape beyond.

Additional Sound and Edit: Akhila Krishnan
Supported by: Victoria Browne (KALEID Editions) and Saison Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall

Candid: New and For Sale by Henneke Holst & Andrey Janzen (2011)

Andrey was born in 1984 in a former testing range for nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan, Henneke in 1985 in an uninhabited steppe somewhere in Northern Germany. Henneke works as a low-profile commercial writer, Andrey studies civil engineering. They started drawing comics in 2008 and soon developed their first filmic project together, 'Candid' - a music video made using paper figures and desk lamps.

In the film, main character Cody Runner feels haunted by the beast in himself. In a city, where planes fly low and lightning strikes in dangerous heights, he seeks help in his employer's room of super-secret double danger - activating the underground mills of the shady Gravity Inc.

Original music - New And For Sale

Reap What You Sew by Alex Collier & Jurate Gecaite (2010)

Alex Collier and Jurate ‘Lotti’ Geciate met at Sunderland University where they both studied animation. Reap What You Sew was their graduation film. Collier worked as a co editor of Viz comic for eight years, and still contributes cartoons today. He recently directed animations with Vic Reeves and Ross Noble for the BBC. He writes a regular column about animation for the industry publication ‘Imagine Magazine’.

Lithuanian Gecaite previously studied fashion in Vilnius. She now works at the North East company Shoo Fly, producing animated children’s books and apps for Harper Collins, and recently created animation for a documentary all about Multiple Sclerosis.

Reap What You Sew is a dark claustrophobic animation about the strained relationship between a struggling farmer and his creative wife. The film delivers important messages about love, life, art, fear, loathing and scarecrows.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Alex Collier and Jurate Gecaite (Director, Animator, Script, Storyboards, Character Design and Concept Sound), Leigh Lovett (Runner), Peter Aitken (Sound)

His Haunted Laughter by Jamie H Scrutton (2010)

Jamie H Scrutton was born in Batley, West Yorkshire, and he first began to get into Theatre and Literature at the age of 7 (even putting on small plays for his family). His passion for the Arts progressed him to Batley Art College and then onto University at De Montfort, Leicester where he gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. It was during this time that he developed an interest in Film and Set Design. His passion for film did not only stop at University but continued to dominate his spare time where his dedication to succeed continues to grow.

In His Haunted Laughter, a French clown comes to life one night and breaks free from his captivity within a glass dome. He enters the real world but finds it hard to adapt mentally and emotionally as he’s had no stimulus previously. This film is about his journey to find normality. The film was screened at Glimmer Film Festival 2011 in Hull recently, and was nominated for The Yorkshire Award.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Jamie H Scrutton (Acting, Cameraman and Make-up)