Making Tracks - 14th January 2012

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking short film event that offers totally unique way for new and established filmmakers to get their work seen. The idea is very simple: Whirlygig Cinema select a bunch of visually exciting short films and strip them of their original soundtracks, ready to be re-scored live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema in front of your very eyes. Expect an eclectic programme of animation, music videos and experimental film, brought to life by a range of instruments and ideas from a band of film score artists at the very top of their game.

We return this January as part of the London Short Film Festival. In an exclusive collaboration with The Suitcase Cinema we will also re-score a number of 16mm prints, re-creating the magic of the golden age with the whir of the projector and live soundtrack!

Saturday 14th January, 7.30pm
Rich Mix Bar, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

Films will include a selection of 16mm prints and digital films (many of which were made using 16 or 8mm cameras), as listed below.

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Shapeshifter by Lily Fang (2010)

Lily Fang studied animation at Harvard College, where she created Shapeshifter for her senior thesis project. After graduating she worked for a year at My Active Driveway, a motion graphics company in New York, and is currently an animation student at the Royal College of Art. Her work centers around the mutable world of mythic creatures and dream spaces.

Watch online with live score

"Who Would Have Guessed?" by Emmalouise Smith (2011)


'Who would have guessed?' is a short film shot and hand-processed on super 8mm by 21 year old Emmaalouise Smith. The piece was written as a side-line to an ongoing project which focuses on nostalgia and memories in a quintessentially British landscape. Based on autobiographical stories, and telling the unashamed secrets of long, lost friends, growing up and losing the innocent mischief we all conjure as a child, the short film works aesthetically to affect the audience, and involves the senses of those watching and hearing in an interactive way.

The super 8 and playfully un-diagetic narrative all add to the ambiguous time period of the film; and with the specialized 'look' of a found-piece, the idea is to involved the audience and unlock the memories shared from distant days of living through a high-school era.

Credits: Gemma Lewis (Cast), Nia Childs (Voice), Emmaalouise Smith (Cinematography, Post-production/hand-processing)

Dogged by Jo Shaw (2011)


In a world where Bogeymen roam freely, devouring people randomly and the only creatures they fear are dogs, Olddog tries her best to defend the family home. Will Girl-in-Sack have the determination and savoir-faire to save the day and who or what is the Dog-of-the-Apocalypse?

Jo Shaw is Writer/Director of Dogged which received a nomination for a BAFTA New Talent Award and won Best Experimental Film at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in 2011. She has worked as an animator and production co-ordinator on The Imperfectionist (Channel 4 Mesh commission), as a production co-ordinator at Axis Animation and in various roles on several short films.

Jo also writes about film and is joint winner of the Underwire Film Festival 2011 Journalism Award. She studied animation at the London College of Communication, having previously studied music at King’s College, London and the University of York.

Mirage (Extract) by Srdjan Keca (2011)


At the edge of a city growing from the desert, a man plays alone on a golf course. Another, sleepless, sends a letter from a labour camp to his wife in Kenya. A sand storm hits a construction site, and the locals hold a strange dance ceremony. Dubai, usually seen either as miracle of development or failed gimmick, here becomes a set for a visual exploration of displacement, longing and desire.

Srdjan studied filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan and the UK National Film and Television School, and now lives and works between London and Serbia. He made films in the Balkans (A Letter to Dad, which premiered at IDFA 2011), the UK (The Real Social Network) and the Middle East (Mirage). Among recent recognitions is the 2011 Cottbus Discovery Award (for Mirage), Best Balkan Documentary at Dokufest 2011 (for A Letter to Dad) and a 2011 IDF Silver Eye Award nomination.

Credits: Srdjan Keca (Director), Simon Bullen (Editing), Tom Drew (Sound), Jon Wygens (Original music)

The Red House by Max Lincoln (2011)


Max Lincoln is a filmmaker with a love of dreams, vibrant colours and the surreal. After screening The Chair his most recent short at the summer edition of Making Tracks he has followed it up with The Red House a short mood piece following an isolated young Maiko (trainee Geisha) who chooses to escape the reality of her uncaring audience through her imagination.

Credits: Produced by Nicholas Dearman, Written by Max Lincoln and Nicholas Dearman

Unknown Woman by Kayla Parker (1991)

16mm PRINT

A woman's psychological journey filled with suspense and pursuit, which uses a mixture of drawn animation, stop-motion and live-action footage; originated from dreams of a woman and a crow, in which the two beings shared one sentience.

Credits: Lorrie Parker (Woman), Ellen McDouall (Crow mask), Joy Elliott (Live action camera), Stuart Moore (Original sound), Paul Roberts (Dubbing mixer). Thanks to Lefkos Greco. Funded by The Arts Council of Great Britain and South West Arts

Relax by Hannah Robinson

16mm PRINT

Hannah Robinson is a Scottish screenwriter and director, now based in London. RELAX was her first short film, based on an urban myth and Hitchcock’s back projection scenes. She went on to direct a series of short films including SHEILA which won Best Director at Rome's Donne in Corto Film Festival, NIGHT SWIMMER which won Grand Prix at Vendôme, and IN THE MOOD, which was an international festival hit and won Silver in Mumbai. She is now developing features: her co-written screenplay, FIREWORKS, won the American Screenwriters’ Association Grand Prize and her new project TESLA GIRL has been selected for Kate Ley’s NETWORK development.

Thread by Susannah Gent (1993)

16mm PRINT

The journey of a literal ‘narrative’ thread as it is drawn from a young man’s arsehole through many exit holes in a surreal world of interconnectivity, with a classic ending.

This is the first film of Sheffield based film maker Susannah Gent, best known for her feature ‘JELLY DOLLY’. Susannah has made many award winning films and has in recent years expanded her work to include installation, fine art taxidermy and most recently, experimental CGI projects.

Susannah has a longstanding interest in the uncanny and the pictorial nature of thought, of which this film could be seen as a starting point.

Inescapable Journey by Helen Nias and Cassandra Vervoort (2011)


Cassandra Vervoort is a practicing Fine Artist and Photographer who has more recently used the photographic and video medium to document and question situations and issues she comes across in her life. Helen Nias is a video and film artist from the UK, who in an attempt to find understanding in life draws on a variety of techniques to create moving image work. She explores ideas of spatial and temporal perceptions, dreams and reality, the experience of these and the memories these experiences create.

Some memories can be hidden away, but those recollected by smell seem to engulf us involuntarily. Being constantly fascinated by the places our subconscious and memories can take us, Helen and Cassandra have used 35mm film prints, super 8mm film and digital photographs to take the viewer on a journey that attempts to capture this displacement.

Watch online with live score

Heron by Gary McQuiggin (2009)


Gary McQuiggin was born in Shrewsbury and moved to London in order to study film. His films are mostly documentary with Heron being the peculiar exception. Heron was shot on 16mm, on borrowed time and for a miniscule amount of money. It tells the tale of a lonely man (played by Nathan Godkin) living in a starkly furnished cardboard world attempting to write poetry on his computer late at night. A noise at the window disturbs him but he sees nothing and decides to retire for the evening. He is greeted in the morning by a strange visitor...