Making Tracks - December 2010

On Thursday 9th December 2010, Whirlygig Cinema hosted its second event, Making Tracks. This event presented an exciting collection of films by up-and-coming filmmakers (programmed by us!) with new scores performed live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

The 12 films screened at the event are listed below.

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The Fall of Jimmy Duke by Tom Chick (2008)

Tom Chick grew up in Edinburgh and studied Film Production at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. In his own words, “I would like to make films that are built from a dialogue of cinematic form and storytelling. John Ford, Budd Boetticher, Yasujiro Ozu, Buster Keaton and Apichatpong Weerasethkul keep me up at night. I have a deep interest in British folk culture and am currently finishing a film of a Scottish folk tale about a girl that falls in love with a seal. I once held George Melies business card and my ambition is to one day make films I like.”

The Fall of Jimmy Duke was filmed on a runaway in the New Forest over the course of two nights. It was an attempt to find an image, built from a conflict of movement between character and camera, that could communicate the mess of confusion Tom saw the world as when he was eighteen.

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Credits: Tom Chick (Director, Writer and Actor), Jon Nash (Camera & Actor), Blake Richards, Tom Dunne (Camera & Actor), Tom Bailey (Actor), Jon Lawrence (Driver)

Taphonomy by Beatrice Baumgartner (2010)

Beatrice Baumgartner graduated from the University of Brighton last year, where she studied a BA in Materials Practice. She created sculptures out of wood, plastic and found materials, which she would then use to make stop frame animations. She is now living in London, making sets and sculptures for new animations.

Taphonomy is an animation of different natural organisms, which come to life in various ways often combined with drawings. The word taphonomy is the study of decaying organisms over time and how they become fossilized. This film is a sort of metaphor for the evolution that nature and inanimate objects could have.

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The Projectionist by Guy Gotto (2010)

Guy Gotto attended the Film Production Technology BSc course at Staffordshire University until April 2010. During his time here he was cameraman for The Chaz Sands Invitational 2009, a 1 hour rollerblade documentary which was aired on extreme sports on the 13h March 2010. He is currently setting up a film production company with a friend called Vision House Media, specializing in creative moving image projects and school promotional videos.

The Projectionist has been shown in the Solar Cinema at Sunrise Festival and at the Sound in Vision Film Festival at Clapham Picturehouse.

Credits: Guy Gotto (Writer, Director & Producer), Richard Holt (Actor), Tom McCarron(Actor), Alex Keyte (Actor, Key Grip), Tim Fok (Camera Operator), Josh Robbins-Cherry (Script Supervisor), Dan O'Neill (Original Soundtrack)

A Window Door by Ioli Zalimoglou (2009)

Ioli Zalimoglou’s film-making practice is primarily fine art-based. She is constantly trying to find new and rather unusual ways of self-expression which might involve innovative use of various mediums or just simply a point of view slightly out of the ordinary. Through invisible thought processes and constructive imagination, or intuitive observation and recording, she opens up a dialogue of an interplay between perception, imagination, association and interpretation. The viewer then is invited to negotiate alternative modes of consciousness and acknowledge the subjectivity of the Image.

Ioli’s serious engagement with art making started at the age of 16. Two years later she enrolled at Chelsea College of Art and Design and completed her degree in Fine Art in 2010.

Her film A Window Door depicts donkeys passing by a window frame in Santorini, Greece. For Making Tracks, the original background soundscape will be retained and a new score played over the top.

The Storm by Adina Istrate (2007)

Adina Istrate wrote, directed and painted trees for The Storm at the European Film College in Denmark. She then wrote scripts for two sitcoms back home in Romania for about a year. She is currently studying at the London Film School and plans to dedicate her life to making dark comedies. "The darker, the better", she says.

During The Storm two friends are out at sea rowing, having a good old German Expressionist time. Out of nowhere, a storm starts, sinking their boat marooning them on a small island. As soon as they reach the shore, the storm miraculously ends. Only now though, the nightmare truly begins.

The film was scored originally by Timm Kröger & Michel Copeland, but, being a homage to the silent film era, for this event it will be given the traditional live accompaniment it deserves.

Credits: Adina Istrate (Director & Writer), Clara Trischler (Assistant Director), Danielle Seville (Director of Photography) Stina Lundkvist (Light & Production Designer), Sarah Sornum (Editor, Production Designer), Julia Tegström (Costume & Production Designer), Runa Hansen (Producer), Mark LeFanu, Jim Fernald (Executive Producers), Timm Kröger & Michel Copeland (Original Score), Ingeborg Topsøe (Alice), Julia í Kalvalid (Maria), Nick Bruhn-Petersen (Fritz), Runa Hansen, Stephan Bechinger, Anders Schlosser Andersen, Ea Stjernholm, Tommy Paaske Hansen (Demons)

(title) by Neil Cheshire (2005)

Neil Cheshire lives and works in London. His film (title) attempts to draw attention to the significance of the audience's imagination in the process of understanding a film's plot, and the characters' motivations.

Pinocchio by Lesley Butler (2009)

Lesley Butler works in and lives above the shop Puppet Planet in Clapham. She used to work on documentaries at the BBC, and now loves fiction. Her film Pinocchio is a reversal of the traditional Pinocchio story; instead of a puppet becoming a boy, a woman becomes a puppet.

Entering a deserted, dilapidated Georgian mansion a woman is drawn to a mirror and glimpses a puppet version of herself within. Distracted by the sounds of puppets leading a parallel life, the woman’s journey around this labyrinthine place leads her from curiosity to desperation. Meanwhile, the puppets’ diversions give Gepetto and Pinocchio the time they need to create a 'lookalike' puppet of the woman. The atmosphere conjured up by these other-worldly beings creates the perfect stage for The Cabinet of Living Cinema's style of music.

Credits: Lesley Butler (Director, Producer & Actor), Marco Chiandetti, Ben Magahy, Nick Gordon Smith (Lighting/Camera), Dora Wade (Set Design), Samira Harris, Greta Wade (Scenic Artists), Phil Crossland (Technician), Will Crossland (Gaffer), Carol Fitzwilliam (Wardrobe), Rosey Walbancke (Production Assistant), Kate Middleton (Runner), Michael Mac Cormack, Anna Orson, Jami Quarrell, Sarah Ratheram, Robert Stephenson, Yvonne Stone (Puppeteers), Tom Price (Editor & Sound), Martin Davidson (Equipment), Frank Madone (Colourist), Barry Ramage, Lesley Butler, Albert Popplewell, Schubert, Paul Robson (Original Soundtrack). Copyright Puppet Planet 2009.

Sketch by Alex Ashto (2009)

Alex Ashton uses sound as a primary influence for many of his animations. His film Sketch explores the idea of drawing with light and is an example of how he combines his enthusiasm for music with energetic visual imagery to create lively, fast paced and reassuringly pretentious shorts that focus on light-hearted experimentation.

This will be the film’s second screening with Whirlygig Cinema, having been screened at a previous event under the title Drivin' South and with its original soundtrack; a track by Jimi Hendrix.

Pilgrimage 2: Syd Barrett by Liberty Rowley & Mark James (2010)

Liberty Rowley & Mark James are collaborating on a series of films made from digital stills. These are documentary films with an element of performance, whereby the filmmakers undertake a long walk and document their progress with stills.

The film Pilgrimage 2: Syd Barrett documents a re-walking of the 60 mile walk that Syd Barrett, founding member of Pink Floyd, undertook in 1982 from his flat in Cloisters back to his mother’s house in Cambridge. His mental health issues were severely aggravated by his massive drug intake and on his arrival in Cambridge he became an in-patient at the local mental hospital.

Mark James is a Documentary Photographer and Liberty Rowley a Fine Artist.

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The Engagement by Shaun Ashley Townsend (2010)

Shaun Ashley Townsend is the Artistic Director of issue-orientated multi-arts and events management organisation, Secure Artistic Talent. He founded the company in 2009 through a desire to use the arts as a vehicle for reaching those in difficult circumstances, especially after overcoming his own problems such as with homelessness and drugs. SAT’s Student Volunteer Programme helps to train people aged 16-26 in every aspect of the industry, whilst also building confidence and life skills.

The Engagement was created after being asked to stage an event at the site of historical monument Crookston Castle, situated in the middle of a council estate. On a budget of just £1,200, the volunteers were trained in team building, acting and performing, historical research, film and digital media, interviewing and editing, story boarding, script writing, events management, class facilitating and much more, while the filming of this medieval recreation was witnessed by nearly 300 people.

Credits: Shaun Ashley Townsend (Director & Writer), Elizabeth Freer (Production Assistant), Altronix (Technical Director), Stewert Schillier (Writer & Project Assistant), Mathieu Sagnet (Project Assistant), Hopscotch (Costume), Mel Bestel, Timothy Hughes, Daniel Archibald, Kimberley Weir, Ed Whitley (Actors), Govan Gaelic Choir (Original Soundtrack)

Ballad of a Broken Vow by Carla MacKinnon (2010)

Carla MacKinnon is an artist and curator living and working in London. She programmes Rich Pickings events, produces film festivals and makes short films that explore the darker side of everyday life.

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right in her short film Ballad of a Broken Vow, animated using a combination of digital and traditional techniques.

Credits: Carla MacKinnon (Words & Pictures), Paul Dominic de Grande (Original Soundtrack)

...If Only by Ben Rix (2010)

Ben Rix was born and bred on the sunny south coast, and graduated this year with a BA Hons in Illustration at the University of Brighton. His work ranges from meticulously painted portraits, to experimental animation.

His animation …If Only was created using the stop motion technique, and has had no computer editing. What you see is a piece of work that has been compiled from thousands of photographs played in succession. The theme of the animation explores the possibilities of what happens when we turn out the lights at night.

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