Making Tracks - August 2011

On Friday 5th August 2011 at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, the Cabinet of Living Cinema performed never-before-heard scores to a set of new and exciting short films by exceptional talent in front of a live audience. Those films were (in no particular order):

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Old House by Gabriela Tropia (2008)

Gabriela Tropia’s work in videodance began in 2004 whilst still an undergraduate dance student at Unicamp (Brazil), where she received a one-year scholarship to develop a Research Initiation project. Her debut film was selected for the Brazilian One-Minute Festival. In 2006 Gabriela moved to London to study videodance. She completed her masters in Dance for the Screen at the London Contemporary Dance School, joining the faculty in 2008. Gabriela has been commissioned to create works in London and Singapore. Her videos have been screened in more than 20 countries, including Live Screen (Sadler’s Wells) and Circuito Videodanza Mercosur 2007.

Old House explores ideas about family, memories and relationships that are associated with the place where we live. The film was shot in Singapore in collaboration with T.H.E Dance Company and was commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore.

Credits: Gabriela Tropia (Director), Kuik Swee Boon (Choreographer), T.H.E Dance Company (Performers). Commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore

My Unforgettable Character by Angel Villadiego (2010)

Angel Villadiego graduated as a graphic designer in 2006 from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, Colombia. Shortly after, he won Best Experimental Animation at the 'El Espejo' film festival with his graduation project Epitaph. In 2008 he moved to Argentina to study motion graphics design. Then in 2009 he relocated to London in order to pursue studies in Digital Film and Animation at London Met University.

My Unforgettable Character is a project developed during Angel's studies at London Met and is a personal tribute to his great grandfather in stop-motion. An adaptation of stories and memories gathered from relatives knitted the universe for this multi talented and self taught character, an icon and respected figure in his town during the curly moustaches era. As part of his course Angel also directed the haiku-inspired short film A Pheasant Cries, which was part of Making Tracks in May 2011.

Credits: Angel Villadiego (Screenplay, Storyboard, Art Direction, Illustration and Animation)

Calculus by Franck Trebillac (2010)

Franck Trebillac is a London-based director and motion designer. He started his career as a graphic designer in some of the finest design studios in France. Since moving to London eight years ago Franck has created and designed online videos and print materials for some of the biggest names in fashion, retail and automotive. Early 2010 he teamed up with a friend and fellow creative Marc Broussely in a joint passion for visual content to start their own creative studio Burning

Burning Head has since grown a reputation for creating avant-garde and visually striking music videos, which have received numerous awards and nominations over the last year.

Calculus is originally a music video for US based experimental Electronica artist Stretta. The video was made with both taxidermy and live insects, and offers a close view inside a delicate microcosm. But Calculus also puts the symbolism of the chrysalis into a reflection on the human body and its transformations.

Detritus by Leah and Hester (2011)

Leah Carmen Walker & Hester Sorel Moriarty Thompson are Fine Art students at Bristol UWE. Their collaborative work is mainly film based with sculpture sometimes incorporated in relation to the film.

The film follows Detritus, a creature living amongst the rubble of society, thriving off everybody else’s waste. This abandoned, debris mansion is a shrine to recycling and exercising the possibilities of no money by inhabiting one of these many, urban, forbidden ‘no-places’.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Leah Carmen Walker and Hester Sorel Moriarty Thompson (Artists)

Portrait of Bella by William Hazell (2010)

William Hazell is a Graphic Design student at Central Saint Martins. His projects vary from photography, drawing or moving image. He has made music promos for the likes of David’s Lyre and Napoleon in Rags.

His film Portrait of Bella is a video portrait of Bella Kavanagh. It was filmed in and around Bella’s grandparents house in Devon across two days. This project had a £0 budget and relied on the generosity of Bella’s grandparents driving the filmmakers around the local area. It was originally intended to be shown on a 90 degree rotation.

Watch online with live score

William Hazell (Director), Bella Kavanagh (Cast)

Mind Your Head by Matthew Farman (2010)

Matthew Farman is a videographer, editor & artist-filmmaker from St Albans. He recently received his MA Artists' Film, Video & Photography from UCA, Kent. His research explores the psychology of the moving-image and what such models can reveal about our disposition for reducing reality to narrative. His methodology involves editing fragments of documentary & found footage into video assemblages.

"I’m interested in cinematic qualities that precede self-conscious interpretation or ‘reading’ of moving-images. Perceiving artistic value in terms of the ability to resist ‘commodification’ of meaning I play with internal logics to illustrate the necessary tension between the seeing and reading moving-images”

Mind Your Head is an orchestrated psychological disorder of perception and thought. In making the viewer conscious of certain mechanisms in their spectatorship the idea is not to provide some answer to this complex situation but simply to provoke thought around the experience of moving-images.

Credits: Matthew Farman (Director, Videographer, Editor)

Reveries by Kim Jarrett (2009)

Originally from Essex, Kim Jarrett is a young filmmaker who has directed and produced a number of visually dynamic shorts. Kim is an
alumni of the Bournemouth Film School and is currently located in jolly old London town.

Reveries is a visual exploration of a girls dreams through the use of colours and movement.

Credits: Kim Jarrett (Director), Jasmine Hetherington-Wilkes (Producer), Denisha Folkes (Cinematographer), Annie Bishop (Production Designer), Raquel Couceiro (Editor and VFX), Licia Conn (1st A.D.), Robin Webster (Camera Operator), Leo Netto (Clapper Loader), Jon Smith (Focus Puller), Seth Crosby (Gaffer), Richelle Rudeen (Costume Designer), Amin Muller (Continuity), Louise Saunders (Storyboards), Dougie Brown (Music)

Tiny Stories by Wirrow (2010)

Wirrow is a freelance illustrator and animator based in London. His tiny stories, which used to be a personal pastime, have in a few years become a giant online collaboration. The Tiny Stories animations have been screened at various festivals and a tiny book of them has been published through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production company. The stories delve into the hidden worlds of humorous little narratives that are too often overlooked.

And they are tiny.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Wirrow (Writer, Animator), Sarah Daly (Writer)

The Cursed Cassette & Fireside Rendezvous by Paul Cheshire (2010)

Paul Cheshire began filmmaking in 2009, having previously spent much of his time dj-ing, reviewing records, running a moderately successful fanzine (until it got boring) and making comix. He studied filmmaking at Raindance, NFT & Guerilla Filmmaking School and his first film Lost Robots, described by Sci-Fi London as “The Thick Of It With Robots”, was picked for the 7th London Film Festival (2010). His most recent film, The Cursed Cassette, was picked for the 8th London Film Festival and has since been screened across the UK and US at various venues and film festivals.

In the film, a mysterious package arrives at a man’s home one evening. The man opens the package to find a cassette which he is compelled to play, unleashing an evil rhythmic curse. The film was shot over a couple of very late nights, when the weed smoke and Ouija boards made everything go Amicus.

Fireside Rendezvous depicts a time-lapse relationship from meeting to break up between a be-quiffed 1980s mannequin and skull- headed 1950s dressmakers' dummy.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Archie Pulse (Man in The Cursed Cassette), Volthoom - P. Cheshire (Music)

Reap What You Sew by Alex Collier & Jurate Gecaite (2010)

Alex Collier and Jurate ‘Lotti’ Geciate met at Sunderland University where they both studied animation. Reap What You Sew was their graduation film. Collier worked as a co editor of Viz comic for eight years, and still contributes cartoons today. He recently directed animations with Vic Reeves and Ross Noble for the BBC. He writes a regular column about animation for the industry publication ‘Imagine Magazine’.

Lithuanian Gecaite previously studied fashion in Vilnius. She now works at the North East company Shoo Fly, producing animated children’s books and apps for Harper Collins, and recently created animation for a documentary all about Multiple Sclerosis.

Reap What You Sew is a dark claustrophobic animation about the strained relationship between a struggling farmer and his creative wife. The film delivers important messages about love, life, art, fear, loathing and scarecrows.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Alex Collier and Jurate Gecaite (Director, Animator, Script, Storyboards, Character Design and Concept Sound), Leigh Lovett (Runner), Peter Aitken (Sound)

The Chair by Max Lincoln (2011)

Max Lincoln is a filmmaker with a love of dreams, vibrant colours and the surreal. After making several no-budget music videos he released his directorial debut Orange Juice, which was screened at the London Short Film Festival this year. Since then he has made short films on subjects ranging from Geisha to Jacobean thrillers.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Van Gogh’s Chair’ (1888), The Chair is a short film about a struggling painter who starts to become harassed by his chair.

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His Haunted Laughter by Jamie H Scrutton (2010)

Jamie H Scrutton was born in Batley, West Yorkshire, and he first began to get into Theatre and Literature at the age of 7 (even putting on small plays for his family). His passion for the Arts progressed him to Batley Art College and then onto University at De Montfort, Leicester where he gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. It was during this time that he developed an interest in Film and Set Design. His passion for film did not only stop at University but continued to dominate his spare time where his dedication to succeed continues to grow.

In His Haunted Laughter, a French clown comes to life one night and breaks free from his captivity within a glass dome. He enters the real world but finds it hard to adapt mentally and emotionally as he’s had no stimulus previously. This film is about his journey to find normality. The film was screened at Glimmer Film Festival 2011 in Hull recently, and was nominated for The Yorkshire Award.

Watch online with live score

Credits: Jamie H Scrutton (Acting, Cameraman and Make-up)