Making Tracks - 18th October 2012

Making Tracks returns with a fresh crop of short films by up-and-coming filmmakers, ready to be re-scored live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Thursday 18th October 2012, 7.30pm

Tickets £10 door / £8 advance / £5 with a Whirlygig badge
Rich Mix Bar, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

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Address is Approximate by Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp (2011)

A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

Since graduating in 2000 Tom Jenkins has spent the last 10 years running various production companies in London, mainly producing corporate brand films. Address Is Approximate is his first short film produced with his new outfit The Theory, run by himself and Simon Sharp. Following the viral success of Address, Tom and Simon signed with LA agency WME and are currently writing and directing GIANTS, a family film for Sony Pictures.

The Boss by Alex Emslie (2012)

A stationery based martial arts epic.

Alex Emslie has done most things in production, from digging up dirt to rub in an actors face, filming epic 6 day indian weddings, to his current mainstay of editing commercials and music promos. He has been making shorts the whole time, and had screenings round the uk and europe, winning the inaugural Kino Karno film festival. The Boss has been a massive hit, winning the 2012 Reed film competition and going viral worldwide.

Watch online with live score

Other credits: Mark Cameron and Leigh Harrison (acting), Christiaan Fabreji De Jonge (producer), Maja Zamojda (DOP)

White Elephant (extract) by Kristof Bilsen (2011)

A documentary looking at The Post Office and its employees in Kinshasa, DR Congo. This relic of the colonial past has trapped its employees in a frozen timewarp from which they are planning their escape.

Kristof completed a filmmaking BA in Brussels and then worked as a cinematographer and co-director in contemporary theatre and dance. His first documentary Three Women, a film about female detainees in Ghent prison, was shortlisted for the Henri Storck Prize in 2005 and shown twice on Belgian National Television. In January 2010, he was selected to attend a workshop tutored by Werner Herzog in Los Angeles. He graduated from the National Film and Television School with Masters in Documentary Direction. He is founding member of the Kitchen Sink Collective.

Other credits: Eduardo Serrano (editor), Xan Marquez Caneda (sound recordist), Jon Wygens (composer)

Watching Chillies Grow by Richard McCormack (2011)

This short animation is about a man's obsession which lasts a year until one day it all ends with a kick.

Richard started playing around with animations in 2011 and Watching Chillies Grow is his first, proving to be a mini crash course in filmmaking. He designed and built the sets, puppeteered the characters whilst at the same time filming it. He will never again make a movie on his own! Following on from this, he's started playing around with stop-motion ideas and is currently making videos for a couple of up-and-coming London based bands.

Cardiff City Kings (extract) by Carolina Vasquez (2012)

Cardiff City Kings is a bboy and bgirl jam in Cardiff. Representing the talent of break dancers, graffiti artists, and DJs, this is a community event that brings together the young and experienced for a day of fun.

A central theme to Carolina Vasquez’s work is people- who they are, where they’re from and how they communicate. Her video art ranges from being stand-alone pieces to being part of a theatre set and even theatrical trailers. Her vast experience of stop motion animation stems from sculptural, set design, and lighting skills, which are implemented to create artistic animations. She is a Latin American artist living in Cardiff.

On Vocation by Inga Burrows and Jodie Allinson (2011)

A costal location of Barry, Wales is the setting for this site-specific collaboration between Allinson and Burrows. Through a series of improvisations 5 female personae emerged, each persona embodying a different mode of existence in the landscape.

Burrows trained as a Fine Artist at Maidstone College of Art (1978-1981) and subsequently studied Printmaking at the Royal College of Art (1981- 1984). On graduating from the RCA she took her graphic skills into the field of filmmaking, making a number of animated and live-action short films. From 1991-1994 she studied Directing at The National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, England. Her outputs include commissions for The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (2000), and the National Dance Theatre of Wales (2009). Inga currently works as a full-time Lecturer at the University of Glamorgan.

Allinson is a performance maker whose work has spanned multimedia, Burlesque, site specific and live art. She is also a lecturer in drama at the University of Glamorgan, Cardiff where she researches and teaches theatre and ecology, devising practices, physical performance, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary performance.

Other credits: Emyr Jenkins (camera)

Mind Games by Peter Bunzl (2004)

In a secure institution Scientists monitor the thoughts of prisoner 364. Who is the figure he is contacting?

Peter Bunzl is an award winning film maker whose work incorporates manipulated footage with digital and traditional animation. A graduate of the National Film and Television School (Animation Direction M.A. 2002), Peter's animation work on ‘The Secret Show’ (BBC) and ‘Yoko Jakamoko Toto’ (ITV) has contributed to four BAFTAs. His film 'Mind Games' was a finalist for the 2008 Virgin Media Shorts Award and screened in over 200 UK cinemas. Peter is currently writing and developing various projects.

Dear Foreigner by Kate Jessop (2010)

A woman writes a letter to the son she gave up at birth, 27 years later. This is the film adaptation of a real award winning letter, commissioned by Festival D’Elle Lettere in Milan.

Kate Jessop is an award winning animation filmmaker whose work spans across animated shorts, promos and artist’s film and video. She has exhibited extensively internationally, undertaking artist residencies in Berlin, Reykjavik and Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work has been described as “magical”, “showing true heart” and “an old soul, full of youthful innovation”. Born in the Pennines, she started as a musician who originally trained in Illustration, then found animation as a perfect medium between the two. She is currently working on animation in theatre production.

What Do You Think I Think About You? by Patricia Azevedo & Clare Charnley (2012)

This brief video was filmed as the artists traveled though the Brazilian countryside to start a new project. It focuses not on the view out of the window, but on the bus journey itself as a place of excited anticipation, the emptiness of the bus contrasting with an imagined community.

Patricia Azevedo (Brazil) and Clare Charnley (UK) have been working collaboratively since 2007. Their joint practice attempts to give material form to a series of encounters, games and stories to do with the act of communication itself. This often involves working with the public. For their work together they have received awards from Arts Council England, Visiting Arts and The British Council. They were finalists for The Northern Art Prize 2009.

Other credits: Geoff Clout (sound)

Coming Alive by Jaha Browne (2012)

A short film about a London puppeteer creating a marionette zombie from a piece of wood, with a surprise ending!

Jaha is a documentary filmmaker who loves to tell stories and immerse herself into other people’s worlds with a camera. Her first film 'Roots' was successfully screened at the BFI and now can be seen on the Your World View website. Jaha has worked for various production companies such as Raw TV, Shine, The Light Surgeons, Tigerlily Films and others. Jaha is now embarking on independent filmmaking and currently working with the BFI Doc Next Media Lab 2012.

Other credits: Sian Kidd (puppeteer), Johnathan Croin (editor), Mark Williams (sound design)

Pink Schwarz by Hermione Flynn (2012)

Created in Berlin, 'Pink Schwarz' is an art project which attempts to redefine a colour whose cultural associations typically align with femininity, innocence and romance. In a bid to shed a stubborn stereotype, Hermione Flynn and Jonny Eagle shot pink as if it were black. With this very simple concept in mind, unconventional pink objects were sourced and used against a defaced urban backdrop.

Hermione Flynn is the vision behind Hermione Flynn Fashion House and designs both fashion collections and performance art pieces. Jonny Eagle is a New Zealand born filmmaker with experience in documentary and narrative fiction. 'Pink Schwartz' was an opportunity for him to explore what it is to film and edit a subject based more in performance and aesthetic. Melissa Spratt is a visual designer and filmmaker.

Other credits: Melissa Spratt, Jonny Eagle

Off Track by Sundeep Toor (2012)

An abstract animation looking at how more exciting life could be if you go 'off the the beaten path' and find your own way to your chosen destination.

Sundeep Toor is an independent 2D Animation director living in the North East of England. Her latest short film 'Super Fast Samosa' has been shortlisted in the Virgin Media Shorts 2012 competition. Some of her clients include: Hospital records, Kicking Ink recordings, Southern Fried Records, Tiger Shadow, E4 and Beardyman. Her film Off Track was made especially for Making Tracks!