Making Tracks - 30th May 2012

Making Tracks returns in May with a fresh crop of short films by up-and-coming filmmakers, ready to be re-scored live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Wednesday 30th May 2012, 7.30pm
Rich Mix Bar, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

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High Expectations by Liron Kroll (2011)

Liron Kroll’s Royal College of Art graduation film High Expectations focuses on society’s depiction of femininity in the context of family photography, and the gap between the idealized photograph and the reality it represents.

The film questions the role of family photography as the key way to form memories and examines the effect it can have on one’s perception of the future. People take the same photographs and most family albums look alike. The film visits some of these iconic family photos scenarios, feeding of the tension and dissonance created through the staging of mundane moments in life. Liron is interested in the illusiveness of normality and the inherent contradiction in the need to belong to a social structure, but being simultaneously repulsed by it.

Hurdy Gurdy by Daniel Seideneder & Daniel Pfeiffer (2011)

“Hurdy Gurdy” is the english term for a barrel organ. Just like a barrel organ that repeats its song over and over again, everything in this film is in constant motion: trains, cars, airplanes, ships and people. Yet what is real and what is fake? This short film uses its extraordinary aesthetics to question reality.

Daniel Seideneder works as a freelance author and director. He is currently finishing his Masters degree in time-based media at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Daniel Peiffer studied theatre and film studies and political science at the Johannes Gutenberg University and then went on to study media design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, until 2004. Since then he has been working as a freelance author and director of documentaries for Film and TV.

Kioku by Rina Yang (2010)

Originally from Japan, Rina is based in east London working as a freelance cinematographer. She has shot TV documentaries, short films, promos and art films, and is always on the look out for interesting projects and collaborations.

In her film Kioku, a girl's memories are triggered by what she sees, but it is not the way we normally remember. Her memories are represented in the scratching and drawing on the film, and a snail and a lost ant that she comes across one afternoon evoke her feelings of longing for home. This film reminds us of the nostalgia and loneliness we all experience.

Behind Closed Doors by Philippa Caddow (2010)

Philippa is originally from Durban, South Africa. She always had a deep desire to make movies, following her love affair with film which started at a very young age. Her passion is art, and this is reflected in her efforts to always make her films art in motion. Jean-Luc Goddard’s Vivre sa Vie had a profound effect on her and within a week of watching it she had enrolled on a 16mm filmmaking course.

On completing the course, Philippa began to make music videos and documentaries. As her passion increased, she went to South Africa to continue her studies, majoring in Directing and Script-Writing at AFDA Film School in Cape Town,. Her graduation films, Cake and Behind Closed Doors, have played at film festivals around the world. She is currently developing and writing her first feature film, Feels like Home.

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Tongue and Groove by Samuel Lehane (2009)

Samuel Lehane is a filmmaker working primarily within stop motion animation. His work comprises of animated shorts that have received international screenings including various nominations.

Plasticine is his material of choice for stop motion animation, which has a versatility and on screen aesthetic that he values within his puppetry. His fascination revolves around the charms of the hand made and is significant to the style of the filmmaker, as there is integrity and tactile empathy that is evident within traditional methods of animation.

Samuel’s films do not depict conventional narrative structures but communicate ideas through abstract film language.

Puma.Peace by Bill Porter (2011)

Hailing from an isolated nook on the coast of North Cornwall, Bill Porter went to study at the Royal College of Art, and now works as an aspiring animation director in London. His aim is to make simple work that embraces imperfections.

Bill’s film was made for new annual PUMA.Peace commission “Peace Starts With Me” and was shown at the World Peace Festival 2011. It depicts 'the clinch' moment of a boxing match as a moment of peace. The sport receives many mixed opinions, despite it promoting confidence and discipline in young people in places where it's needed.

Others by Noriko Okaku

Noriko Okaku was educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, completing an MA (RCA) in Animation in 2005. Her work explores the variety, eclectic nature and strangeness underlying everyday things and actions. Her video work incorporates drawing, collage, photography, painting and animation. Her previously unseen Others is a film about the difficulty of communication.

The Void by Toby Tatum (2003)

Toby Tatum is a graduate of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, now living in Hastings. His films have been exhibited at numerous film festivals and arts events worldwide, including screenings at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the London Short Film Festival and the Berwick Upon Tweed Film & Media Arts Festival. In his film The Void, a disturbed young woman sits alone in a stark room plagued by submerged horrors and strange unsettling imaginings.

Stillness Movement by Vincent Descourtieux (2012)

Vincent Descourtieux graduated from school in France with Honours in the French Baccalaureate. He then travelled around Australia and South-East Asia for a year in 2010. During this period, he interacted with an wide array of people and relished the diversity of the landscapes and cultures he experienced. He is currently studying Filmmaking at Kingston University where he likes to challenge the rules of cinema.

Based on Laura Mulvey’s book Death 24X a second, Stillness Movement is a documentary about a flower: The Chrysanthemum. The flower is already dead while the mourner takes it to the cemetery, but it is brought back to life as a symbol as it lies on the grave, just as the narrative of a film bring the stillness of the images on the filmstrip back to life through the use of a projector.

Simultaneous Contrast by Sandra Dujkic (2011)

Sandra Djukic was born in Serbia and is currently a student of Visual Communication, RCA, London.
She finds motivation through various audio-visual forms as a way of expressing perceptions and engaging in society.

Her film Simultaneous Contrast is based on an art phenomenon of deceiving perception when a matter (bright yellow happiness) exposed to a neutral background (the gray gypsy micro-cosmos of the flee market) becomes in our eyes its very opposite (violet sadness). The tripartite structure of the film is based on the one of classical music ‘gipsy’ compositions: Improvisation, the way they improvise to earn a living; Sorrow, getting closer to them as individuals at times aware of their misery; Euphoria, not thinking and letting go into an overwhelming intense state.

Skinn by Johnny Blank (2011)

Johnny is a director who likes to tell stories by playing with words, sounds and images. He is currently directing his first feature length documentary Death of a Gentleman Previously he co-founded the digital agency Agent Blank, and production companies Coothwork and Blank Suburbs His work has been selected for, or featured on, XMedialab, MipFormats (Cannes), FMX conference (Stuttgart), exgroundfilmfest, MTV, Clubland TV, Dance Nation TV, RAGE TV (Australia), as well as many online sites. Over 3,100 photos were taken over two days to create this pixilation (stop motion using live actors) music video.

Konstruktor by Tessa Moult-Milewska (2011)

Tessa Moult-Milewska was raised in Poznań in a bilingual family. At the age of 18, having finished her first animation, she won a film competition from Paisa Film and received a grant to study at the Warsaw Film School. She finished studying film directing in September 2011, graduating with a BA Degree at the associated Czech Film School of Jerzy Ondricek in Pisek. Her graduating work was the animation Konstruktor made with FUMI Studio - a stop-motion puppet animation inspired by steampunk, cyberpunk with elements of burtonesque.