Making Tracks - 3rd-5th February 2012

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking short-film event that offers up-and-coming filmmakers the chance to have their work re-scored by a live band. In a regular event combining film and live music, we will present a programme of visually-stimulating shorts alongside brand new scores performed live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Since December 2010, over sixty films have been re-scored as part of Making Tracks and the event has become an important tool for aspiring filmmakers, often allowing them to showcase work for the first time without having to worry about music rights.

At Student Film Festival London, Making Tracks will showcase the very best in current student and will feature in their Friday Night Party and Closing Night Gala. From animation and music videos to experimental film and even documentary, expect a wide range of work by undergrads and recent grads, brought to life by a soundscape from film-score musicians at the very top of their game.

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Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers by Olivia Humphreys (2011)

Olivia is a documentary filmmaker based in London and recently completed a Masters in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths. Her graduation film won the Royal Television Society award for Best Postgraduate Factual Film and the Best Documentary award at Exposures Film Festival. Her films have been screened in over forty festivals worldwide.

"In the ten years since she died, my mother has made regular appearances in my dreams." 'Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers' considers how these 'meetings' have changed over time.

Animation: Veselina Dashinova and Meg Bisineer
Composer: Shahin Kanafchian

...If Only by Ben Rix (2010)

Ben Rix was born and bred on the sunny south coast, and graduated this year with a BA Hons in Illustration at the University of Brighton. His work ranges from meticulously painted portraits, to experimental animation.

His animation …If Only was created using the stop motion technique, and has had no computer editing. What you see is a piece of work that has been compiled from thousands of photographs played in succession. The theme of the animation explores the possibilities of what happens when we turn out the lights at night.

Watch online with live score

My Unforgettable Character by Angel Villadiego (2010)

Angel Villadiego graduated as a graphic designer in 2006 from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, Colombia. Shortly after, he won Best Experimental Animation at the 'El Espejo' film festival with his graduation project Epitaph. In 2008 he moved to Argentina to study motion graphics design. Then in 2009 he relocated to London in order to pursue studies in Digital Film and Animation at London Met University.

My Unforgettable Character is a project developed during Angel's studies at London Met and is a personal tribute to his great grandfather in stop-motion. An adaptation of stories and memories gathered from relatives knitted the universe for this multi talented and self taught character, an icon and respected figure in his town during the curly moustaches era. As part of his course Angel also directed the haiku-inspired short film A Pheasant Cries, which was part of Making Tracks in May 2011.

Credits: Angel Villadiego (Screenplay, Storyboard, Art Direction, Illustration and Animation)

Mind Your Head by Matthew Farman (2010)

Matthew Farman is a videographer, editor & artist-filmmaker from St Albans. He recently received his MA Artists' Film, Video & Photography from UCA, Kent. His research explores the psychology of the moving-image and what such models can reveal about our disposition for reducing reality to narrative. His methodology involves editing fragments of documentary & found footage into video assemblages.

"I’m interested in cinematic qualities that precede self-conscious interpretation or ‘reading’ of moving-images. Perceiving artistic value in terms of the ability to resist ‘commodification’ of meaning I play with internal logics to illustrate the necessary tension between the seeing and reading moving-images”

Mind Your Head is an orchestrated psychological disorder of perception and thought. In making the viewer conscious of certain mechanisms in their spectatorship the idea is not to provide some answer to this complex situation but simply to provoke thought around the experience of moving-images.

Credits: Matthew Farman (Director, Videographer, Editor)

Reveries by Kim Jarrett (2009)

Originally from Essex, Kim Jarrett is a young filmmaker who has directed and produced a number of visually dynamic shorts. Kim is an
alumni of the Bournemouth Film School and is currently located in jolly old London town.

Reveries is a visual exploration of a girls dreams through the use of colours and movement.

Credits: Kim Jarrett (Director), Jasmine Hetherington-Wilkes (Producer), Denisha Folkes (Cinematographer), Annie Bishop (Production Designer), Raquel Couceiro (Editor and VFX), Licia Conn (1st A.D.), Robin Webster (Camera Operator), Leo Netto (Clapper Loader), Jon Smith (Focus Puller), Seth Crosby (Gaffer), Richelle Rudeen (Costume Designer), Amin Muller (Continuity), Louise Saunders (Storyboards), Dougie Brown (Music)

Aqueous Duende by Jason Elberts (2010)

Originally from Stevenage, Jason now attends university in Derby. Throughout the past few years here he has been introduced to a mass of cultural and artistic influences that have moulded his current work. For Jason, the essence of cinema is about escapism and his films develop this theme through his ability to amalgamate the tropes of mainstream cinema with his background in avant-garde and experimental moving image work.

Strongly influenced by and reminiscent of the work of Darren Aronofsky and Chris Parks, Aqueous Duende is a venture into another world, far removed from reality, which takes the viewer on a voyage of beauty and light.

Asst. Editor – Emma Gillespie

XII by David Lifton (2011)

Based in the South West, David Lifton uses a mixture of traditional animation techniques and digital effects to create worlds that are both powerful and vivid. Through the exploration of materials such as sand, 2D and back projection his films strive to inspire and engage with the very notion of being human.

XII is a sand animated film based on a personal experience. The film views the fragility of life and how impacting death can be on a relationship between a Mother and her Son.

Again by Tom E. Rendall (2011)

Recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art, Tom E. Rendall is a filmmaker working in a variety of styles and media. He is interested in animation’s potential to represent the internal world of psychological states and its ability to present difficult, real-life subject matter in an alternative way.

'Again' is a short animated film inspired by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A man’s obsession leads to compulsive, repeated actions that begin to consume his life.

Shapeshifter by Lily Fang (2010)

Lily Fang studied animation at Harvard College, where she created Shapeshifter for her senior thesis project. After graduating she worked for a year at My Active Driveway, a motion graphics company in New York, and is currently an animation student at the Royal College of Art. Her work centers around the mutable world of mythic creatures and dream spaces.

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Inescapable Journey by Helen Nias and Cassandra Vervoort (2011)


Cassandra Vervoort is a practicing Fine Artist and Photographer who has more recently used the photographic and video medium to document and question situations and issues she comes across in her life. Helen Nias is a video and film artist from the UK, who in an attempt to find understanding in life draws on a variety of techniques to create moving image work. She explores ideas of spatial and temporal perceptions, dreams and reality, the experience of these and the memories these experiences create.

Some memories can be hidden away, but those recollected by smell seem to engulf us involuntarily. Being constantly fascinated by the places our subconscious and memories can take us, Helen and Cassandra have used 35mm film prints, super 8mm film and digital photographs to take the viewer on a journey that attempts to capture this displacement.

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The Chair by Max Lincoln (2011)

Max Lincoln is a filmmaker with a love of dreams, vibrant colours and the surreal. After making several no-budget music videos he released his directorial debut Orange Juice, which was screened at the London Short Film Festival this year. Since then he has made short films on subjects ranging from Geisha to Jacobean thrillers.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Van Gogh’s Chair’ (1888), The Chair is a short film about a struggling painter who starts to become harassed by his chair.

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