Making Tracks Retrospective - 11 Jan 2014

Making Tracks has provided an interactive platform for emerging film talent for the last three years, fusing live music with moving image. Since December 2010, with support from Arts Council England, wea have hosted twelve events at Rich Mix and showcased over 120 short films, all of which screened alongside brand new scores, performed live by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Join us as we say farewell to Making Tracks, with a selection of the best short films and live scores to come out of the project. The Cabinet will use a wide range of instruments and foley to add a new dimension to the visuals, creating an invigorating live experience. Enjoy the films and live music and then party on with music from Shut The Front Door DJs and visuals by Emily Bailey.

This event is part of the 11th London Short Film Festival and will take place at 8pm on Saturday 11th January 2014 at Rich Mix, Shoreditch. Tickets are £10 on the door, or £8 in advance. Entry will be free from 10pm onwards, following the main performance.

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Things Change by Jo Peel (2012)

An optimistic look at the idea of human impermanence.

Jo Peel has her very own imitable style, using acrylics and spray paint she confidently creates a dialogue by accurately recording the urban landscape in front of her. Peel is a member of the internationally renowned Scrawl Collective, regularly being commissioned to paint huge exterior street works. She has an ever-increasing set of collectors from around the globe having successfully shown in London, Japan, New York and Hong Kong. Using buildings as a canvas, Peel works tirelessly to produce large scale animations using stop frame photography to capture each frame of the production of the mural.

Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers by Olivia Humphreys (2011)

Olivia is a documentary filmmaker based in London and recently completed a Masters in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths. Her graduation film won the Royal Television Society award for Best Postgraduate Factual Film and the Best Documentary award at Exposures Film Festival. Her films have been screened in over forty festivals worldwide.

"In the ten years since she died, my mother has made regular appearances in my dreams." 'Oneironauts - the Dream Travellers' considers how these 'meetings' have changed over time.

Animation: Veselina Dashinova and Meg Bisineer
Composer: Shahin Kanafchian

Taphonomy by Beatrice Baumgartner (2010)

Beatrice Baumgartner graduated from the University of Brighton last year, where she studied a BA in Materials Practice. She created sculptures out of wood, plastic and found materials, which she would then use to make stop frame animations. She is now living in London, making sets and sculptures for new animations.

Taphonomy is an animation of different natural organisms, which come to life in various ways often combined with drawings. The word taphonomy is the study of decaying organisms over time and how they become fossilized. This film is a sort of metaphor for the evolution that nature and inanimate objects could have.

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White Body by Kayla Parker (2009)

Kayla Parker is an artist film-maker who explores subjectivity and place, embodiment and technological mediation, from feminist perspectives, with a particular interest in expanded and 360 cinema.

In her film White Body, the figure of a small white doll grows from a ball of modeling clay, is cut and sewn shut, and then buried and ‘reborn’, among a nest of white granulated sugar and the dark stain of slut’s wool - the fluffy dust that collects under furniture and along skirting boards.

The film explores the artist's early childhood memories of secret play: when, locked in a silent room for a rest after lunch, aged 5 years, she would sculpt tiny figures from balls of Plasticine hidden in the dust under the piano.

White Body was screened in the Femmes Fantastiques programme at the 7th London Short Film Festival.

Credits: Kayla Parker (Director/Producer/Animator), Stuart Moore (Original Sound Design, Sundog Media (Production)

Tiny Stories by Wirrow (2010)

Wirrow is a freelance illustrator and animator based in London. His tiny stories, which used to be a personal pastime, have in a few years become a giant online collaboration. The Tiny Stories animations have been screened at various festivals and a tiny book of them has been published through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production company. The stories delve into the hidden worlds of humorous little narratives that are too often overlooked.

And they are tiny.

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Credits: Wirrow (Writer, Animator), Sarah Daly (Writer)

Shapeshifter by Lily Fang (2010)

Lily Fang studied animation at Harvard College, where she created Shapeshifter for her senior thesis project. After graduating she worked for a year at My Active Driveway, a motion graphics company in New York, and is currently an animation student at the Royal College of Art. Her work centers around the mutable world of mythic creatures and dream spaces.

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Behind Closed Doors by Philippa Caddow (2010)

Philippa is originally from Durban, South Africa. She always had a deep desire to make movies, following her love affair with film which started at a very young age. Her passion is art, and this is reflected in her efforts to always make her films art in motion. Jean-Luc Goddard’s Vivre sa Vie had a profound effect on her and within a week of watching it she had enrolled on a 16mm filmmaking course.

On completing the course, Philippa began to make music videos and documentaries. As her passion increased, she went to South Africa to continue her studies, majoring in Directing and Script-Writing at AFDA Film School in Cape Town,. Her graduation films, Cake and Behind Closed Doors, have played at film festivals around the world. She is currently developing and writing her first feature film, Feels like Home.

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The Boss by Alex Emslie (2012)

A stationery based martial arts epic.

Alex Emslie has done most things in production, from digging up dirt to rub in an actors face, filming epic 6 day indian weddings, to his current mainstay of editing commercials and music promos. He has been making shorts the whole time, and had screenings round the uk and europe, winning the inaugural Kino Karno film festival. The Boss has been a massive hit, winning the 2012 Reed film competition and going viral worldwide.

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Other credits: Mark Cameron and Leigh Harrison (acting), Christiaan Fabreji De Jonge (producer), Maja Zamojda (DOP)

Becoming by Andrei Sopon (2012)

Following a night of heavy drinking, a horse finds himself in the midst of a mystery which will lead to both the realisation of his greatest dream and his ultimate demise.

Born on the planet Earth in the Sol System, somewhere on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, Andrei Sopon was destined to become an artist from a very young age. He went on to study graphics at university, before switching to 2D animation. He recently graduated with distinction in Digital Film and Animation at London Metropolitan and currently works as a freelance animator.

Temptation by Nozomi Hoshikawa (2012)

This film is about love and hate. Sometimes there is love that you need to run away from because it gonna eat you up and destroy you. But in the same time, you deserve it and you know it's not right.

Nozomi Hoshikawa, aka Nozomilkyway, is from Japan and moved to London two years ago. She works as a freelance illustrator and animator but prefers to call herself an artist or storyteller. Her aim is to keep making animations for music and someday she hopes to make animations for her own stories.

Things Don't Fit by Tim Divall (2013)

In a city it can feel like nothing fits or works as it should. This short animated film follows several people whose daily routines are disrupted by unexpected events causing the world around them to unravel.

Tim Divall is a animator/film maker based in London who has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art.

Reap What You Sew by Alex Collier & Jurate Gecaite (2010)

Alex Collier and Jurate ‘Lotti’ Geciate met at Sunderland University where they both studied animation. Reap What You Sew was their graduation film. Collier worked as a co editor of Viz comic for eight years, and still contributes cartoons today. He recently directed animations with Vic Reeves and Ross Noble for the BBC. He writes a regular column about animation for the industry publication ‘Imagine Magazine’.

Lithuanian Gecaite previously studied fashion in Vilnius. She now works at the North East company Shoo Fly, producing animated children’s books and apps for Harper Collins, and recently created animation for a documentary all about Multiple Sclerosis.

Reap What You Sew is a dark claustrophobic animation about the strained relationship between a struggling farmer and his creative wife. The film delivers important messages about love, life, art, fear, loathing and scarecrows.

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Credits: Alex Collier and Jurate Gecaite (Director, Animator, Script, Storyboards, Character Design and Concept Sound), Leigh Lovett (Runner), Peter Aitken (Sound)