Making Tracks XL - 27 July 2013

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking event that fuses live music with moving image and provides an interactive platform on which to showcase new film talent. Whirlygig Cinema will present a programme of experimental film and artist video alongside brand new scores, performed live on the night by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

The Cabinet will use a wide range of instruments and foley to bring a fresh perspective to the films, adding a new dimension to the visuals and creating an invigorating live experience. Join the artists and filmmakers as they hear their new scores for the first time and see cutting-edge film in a totally unique context.

As a special addition to this event, Whirlygig Cinema is teaming up with some very talented moving image artists, including the internationally renowned Max Hattler, who will provide live visuals to the live soundtracks. Be blown away by the live-ness!

Making Tracks XL (extra live!) will take place at 7.30pm on Saturday 27th July at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. Tickets are £10 on the door, or £8 in advance.

See below for live acts performing, as well as our short film programme.

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HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW by Max Hattler and Sune Petersen (live)

HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW is a live audiovisual animation made using experimental custom-built software. Hattler’s aesthetics of metric shapes and colours and Petersen’s optical feedback recursions are expressed in an abstract visual world of hard-edged geometries and supple organic forms proliferating, interacting, and subsiding. The result is a radiant improvised spectacle that is arresting, rapturous, and starkly original.

Max Hattler is a London-based moving image artist educated at Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art. He has had solo exhibitions and retrospectives at Playgrounds Festival, Lumen Eclipse, Media Art Friesland, Image Forum Festival Japan and International Short Film Festival Detmold, among others. His work has been shown at film festivals and exhibitions worldwide and he has collaborated with music acts such as Basement Jaxx, Julien Mier, Jovanotti, Pixelord, The Egg, and Jemapur.

Sune Petersen works with synthetic video in installations and live performance. He has performed for several prominent musical acts and various venues and festivals, including Funkstörung, Trentemøller, Groove Armada, System, Bjørn Svin, Pixelache (Helsinki) and Roskilde Festival.

Emily Bailey (live)

Moving image artist Emily Bailey works directly with 16mm film to create abstract animations that she digitally edits and remixes for audiovisual performances and short film collaborations. Emily provides live visuals for musicians, bands and electronic artists and works as a visual artist at Chaos Theory's events. Recently she has also collaborated with electronic producer ACRA on two experimental short films and several live audiovisual sets.

Sarah Culross (live)

Sarah Culross (Luvmeat) is a VJ and video artist based in Hackney. She plays with noise, colour, process and abstraction, and focusses on visuals for and in response to music.

Tom Brown (live)

London-based video artist Tom Brown founded Magnetic Foragers with sound artist James Allard. The duo create brooding audio-visual compositions, often involving themes of transformation, dreams, elusive memories and confused visions of beauty. Summer 2013 sees the launch of visual album Field Studies with a live performance at Ventnor Fringe Festival on the Isle of Wight. Heavily influenced and inspired by music, Tom has also created live visuals and promos for bands such as Spiritwo and Feeding Fingers. His work is a synthesis of physical processes and digital animation.

Things Don't Fit by Tim Divall (2013)

In a city it can feel like nothing fits or works as it should. This short animated film follows several people whose daily routines are disrupted by unexpected events causing the world around them to unravel.

Tim Divall is a animator/film maker based in London who has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art.

He Was a Sweet Man by Daniela Sherer (2013)

An abstract-narrative about a woman whose boyfriend turns into a pile of sugar.

Daniela is a 2D animator and illustrator based in London and Tel-Aviv. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts. She recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in animation. Having worked on many projects ranging from documentaries to short films and visual music pieces, she's found that she loves collaborating with other artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. She is currently drawing more indie works and thinking up new ways of storytelling - a labour of love.

Golden by Simon Ball (2013)

Four children hang out in the middle of nowhere. An act of bullying sets them on a journey through their deserted environment where they make a discovery that will change their lives forever.

London-born Simon has been writing and directing films for the past five years, recently graduating from the London College of Communication cultivating a portfolio of work that has been screened in various formats across Europe. He has a barren and Spartan style, creating unembellished worlds for his characters to interact with in combination with simple stories filled with subtext shooting in striking locations found across England. He has recently started his own production company with a group of collaborators to continue producing original short films.

Cleaner by Joon Goh (2011)

An immigrant cleaner lives her life out of sync - working whilst we sleep, sleeping whilst we work.

Joon Goh is a Malaysian/Australian filmmaker based in London, interested in explorations of identity and multiculturalism and inspired by the stories of those living in the margins.

Tragedia by Patricia Hetherington (2011)

A Sad Clown has a crisis; is putting on his face the façade he needs to go on?

Filmmaker Patricia Hetherington moved to London from her native New Zealand in 2012. She has been working on films as a Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, First AD, and Producer. She is producing shorts with Shiftwork Productions and This Big Productions, and is currently in preproduction for 'Dead Letter', a short she is directing in 2013.

Wish You Were Here by Lara Lee (2013)

Where is the line between the mundane and the memorable? The film envisages vignettes of life that are transient or, maybe, looping forever.

Lara Lee was born in Daegu, South Korea. Her work spans various media in visual communication, including animation. For her, animation is like a moving collage, a form which deals with different textures of the sensory and with endless possibility. Images to her are like dreams: the least credible and yet the most captivating of experiences. Lara studied Visual Communication in Seoul, where she produced My Favourite Animal (2010) which has won several international awards. She graduated in Animation from the Royal College of Art in London in 2013.