Making Tracks - 12th April 2013

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking event that fuses live music with moving image and provides an interactive platform on which to showcase new film talent. Whirlygig Cinema will present a programme of experimental film and artist video alongside brand new scores, performed live on the night by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

The Cabinet will use a wide range of instruments and foley to bring a fresh perspective to the films, adding a new dimension to the visuals and creating an invigorating live experience. Join the artists and filmmakers as they hear their new scores for the first time and see cutting-edge film in a totally unique context.

Making Tracks will take place at 7.30pm on Friday 12th April at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch. Tickets are £10 on the door, or £8 in advance.

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Man Vs Sand by Prano Bailey Bond (2012)

Everyday at work Paolo digs a hole whilst his Boss slides closer towards the jaws of despair. At home Paolo and his family eat whilst TV politicians give mumbo-jumbo solutions to the economic crisis. But each day at work Paolo continues to dig, until the sand consumes him.

Prano’s work is known for its unique boldness as she fuses a dark horror-esque vocabulary with a refreshing newness showing how beauty can reside in strange places. With a background in art and theatre, Welsh-born Prano’s creative stamp is both technically polished and visually distinctive. Prano’s films have won her numerous awards including a UKMVA, Best Music Short at London Short Film Festival 2012, the British Horror Award in 2010 and most recently Best Editor at Underwire Film Festival 2012.

There Is No Original by Snell & Chamberlain (Sellotape Cinema) (2013)

A poetry-film made in collaboration with writer and poet Steve Coxon and created entirely on sticky tape.

Sellotape Cinema are artists Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain, and half of art noise quartet Ohmmm. Sellotape Cinema creates film worked directly onto sticky tape and played through a specially adapted projector. This medium lends itself to processes usually associated with experimental film, montage, direct to film techniques, as well as media specific techniques, notably ‘flayed paper’. The duo also create ‘drawing drums’, sonic machines that draw and produce sound. Chamberlain works under the name Cyclomation creating pedal powered psycho-geographic animations. Snell has previously worked with Polarfoam and Slutslice on live physical visual manipulations.

The Chase by Rok Predin (2013)

A car is chased by demon cats.

Rok graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 2005. After touring Europe in bands playing everywhere from back room bars to bigger clubs, he began to experiment with animation as a tool to tell abstract stories, mixing sound and imagery together for the first time. Since signing with Trunk Animation in 2009 he has created projects for Elton John, Keith Urban, Madness and Take That as well as directing commercials and broadcast identities for international clients.

Poser by Natasha Tonkin (2013)

An animated cautionary tale for posers.

Sprung from the tropical city of Darwin, situated at the tip of 'Top End', Australia, Natasha grew up far from the reaches of mainstream influences. After finishing her studies in film, literature and languages, Natasha made the great leap across continents to live in London where she went on to complete a PG Dip. in Character Animation at CSM College of Art and Design. Recently Natasha worked with theatre company 1927, creating animation for The Magic Flute, currently on show at the Komishce Oper Berlin. Right now she is directing an exciting new animation commissioned to inspire cyclists onto city streets.

Art of Motion by Rhodri Williams (2011)

Short look at Parkour within the London community.

Rhodri Williams is a filmmaker in his final year at the University of Gloucestershire. Graduating this year Rhodri has worked on productions for the BBC, C4, C5 and also the Discovery Channel. In his spare time he makes film after film after film. Working on anything from animation to documentary, Rhodri is happy to work on anything he gets his hands on. Currently he is project managing his own personal green lit film TALKING TO DAD.

Dispater by Niven Wilson (2012)

"The lord of all, the money-god,
Who rules us blood and hand and brain,
Who gives the roof that stops the wind,
And, giving, takes away again"

-George Orwell

Niven Wilson has never had any formal training in animation but was thoroughly brainwashed by Fleischer Brothers cartoons as a child. He made his first film, Jugglers, in 2008 for his high school senior project. Now living in his parents' basement, he continues to make more cartoons. His full filmography is available by searching for "Niven Wilson" on YouTube.

The House by Erika Pal (2012)

An audio and visual collage of story segments from dreams recounted by a group of people.

Erika Pal is a London-based freelance illustrator and printmaker. Since obtaining a BA in Illustration and Animation at Kingston University in 2007, her work has been exhibited at various venues throughout London and the South-East of England. She discovered hand painted animation while studying at the University of Brighton where she recently completed her Masters degree in Sequential Design and Illustration. She completed several experimental animations on the course culminating in her final project, THE HOUSE.

Diddle Diddle by Jenny Kok (2010)

An old rhyme is invested with current meaning.

In her independent work, Jenny explores drawing and cut out puppet animation. DIDDLE DIDDLE, the first in her 'The Treacle Town Rime' series, was screened at London Short Film Festival in 2010. Jenny is working in placement as a Child Counsellor and is using animation in her work in schools.

Window by Bob de Broise & Elizabeth Holly Hurt (enJoy film) (2013)

When a little girl visits her Grandma's old house, her unsettling surroundings begin to creep into her dreams...

Founded in 2011, enJoy film is a stop motion animation partnership between Bob de Broise and Elizabeth Holly Hurt. Both coming from a design background enJoy film are interested in using traditional methods of animation in a time when computer generated imagery is taking precedence. They aim to create hand crafted films where the action is driven entirely by visuals and sound. After receiving funding in 2011 for their first animation, enJoy film have gone on to make a further 6 self-funded films, each experimenting with a different technique and exploring a different theme. WINDOW focuses on the idea of how the sights, sounds and experiences of your environment can affect your subconscious.

Temptation by Nozomi Hoshikawa (2012)

This film is about love and hate. Sometimes there is love that you need to run away from because it gonna eat you up and destroy you. But in the same time, you deserve it and you know it's not right.

Nozomi Hoshikawa, aka Nozomilkyway, is from Japan and moved to London two years ago. She works as a freelance illustrator and animator but prefers to call herself an artist or storyteller. Her aim is to keep making animations for music and someday she hopes to make animations for her own stories.

The Anatomy of Laughter by Laura Youngson and Aaron Austin-Glen

The Anatomy of Laughter' is a short film which takes a tongue in cheek look at observing the physical characteristics of laughter that often go unnoticed.

Laura Youngson & Aaron Austin-Glen are science communicators striving to merge the scientific and the creative through various artistic mediums. Their current project is a documentary filmed on a recent trip to Africa tracing the prime meridian from Greenwich to Ghana and assessing the effect it has to the people who live along it. In ANATOMY OF LAUGHTER, seven willing subjects submit themselves to intense observation and are scrutinised in the name of science. Slow-motion and freeze frame and allows us to observe the minute details in our physiology that combine when we lose ourselves in mirth. Handy subtitles signpost the recorded experimental data. By watching others we are able to laugh ourselves and in turn become the subject of the experiment.

Amar by Andrew Hinton (2011)

Amar is 14 and top of his class. Someday he'd like to be a professional cricketer, but for now he's the family's main breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week on top of attending school in the afternoons.

Andrew Hinton is a self-shooting documentary maker with an interest in human stories and social change. Currently based in New York, he has spent the past two years on the move, making short form independent work. He recently won the 2012 Vimeo Documentary Award for AMAR.