Making Tracks - 12th January 2013

Making Tracks is a groundbreaking event that fuses live music with moving image and provides an interactive platform for new film talent. Whirlygig Cinema will present a programme of short films alongside brand new soundtracks, performed live on the night by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

In this special event as part of London Short Film Festival, The Cabinet will demonstrate the art of foley and use unexpected objects and instruments to create sound effects live on stage. They will bring a fresh perspective to the films, adding a new dimension to the visuals and creating an invigorating live experience. Join the artists and filmmakers as they hear their new soundtracks for the first time and find out what they thought of them in a post-show Q&A. As an introduction to 'foley', the programme will include a screening of the original short film version of Berberian Sound Studio by British director Peter Strickland (with its original soundtrack).

Making Tracks in January will also feature two performances by local musicians aged 13-19 who have been developing their own film scores to the films The Chair and Off Track through a series of workshops run by Whirlygig and The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Making Tracks and its corresponding outreach activities are supported by Arts Council England.

Saturday 12th January 2013, 7.30pm

Tickets £10 door / £8 advance / £5 with a Whirlygig badge
Rich Mix Bar, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

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Berberian Sound Studio (short version) by Peter Strickland (2005)

The predecesor to the award-winning 2012 release and introduction to the world of foley.

Strickland began making Super 8 shorts films in 1992 and adapted and directed Kafka’s Metamorphosis for Reading’s Progress Theatre the same year. His 1996 short film, BUBBLEGUM featured Holly Woodlawn in a main role and several international festivals followed, though the debts mounted, resulting in a seven-year hiatus from filmmaking. Strickland spent the rest of the ‘90s and the beginning of the next decade writing scripts or performing music with The Sonic Catering Band. An inheritance from an uncle cleared the debts and made it possible for Strickland to start filming again. KATALIN VARGA (2009) came from that period, which led to enough recognition for Strickland to make BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (2012) under more conventional circumstances.

At Making Tracks you will see the original short version of Berberian Sound Studio, with its original soundtrack attached to give you an introduction to the incredible world of foley. This film was shot in 2005 for a TV ident competition. The studio in this version was American and harked back to the relatively more innocent days of William Castle type B-movies.

A Film About Sound by Elise Anglert (2012)

By juxtaposing audio terminology with clichés of dirty talk, two speakers perform surreal human mannerisms.

Elise Anglert was born in 1986 in South Korea, but she was raised in Sweden. The predominant interest for Anglert is hand-rendered work and experimental film, but it also includes video work and sculpture. She deals with social elements in her work but is also attracted to more fantastical realms of the human imagination. In 2012 Anglert completed a BA Graphic and Media Design/Interaction and Moving Image at London College of Communication. She currently lives and works in London.

Antigrid by Iloobia (2012)

A frantic projectionist spools up the projector, scratching, slashing and bleaching his film, before setting in motion the manic cut and paste montage he has frankenstein-ed together.

Iloobia is a visual artist currently living and working in London. Since hi-jacking his father’s super 8mm camera at 14 he's been exploring improper ways to create moving images ever since, in short and feature length works.
He is influenced by rituals, sound, destruction, disorientation, micro organisms and altered dream-states. Projects evolve over time, with only loose parameters set to allow material to be spontaneously and instinctively accumulated.

Becoming by Andrei Sopon (2012)

Following a night of heavy drinking, a horse finds himself in the midst of a mystery which will lead to both the realisation of his greatest dream and his ultimate demise.

Born on the planet Earth in the Sol System, somewhere on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, Andrei Sopon was destined to become an artist from a very young age. He went on to study graphics at university, before switching to 2D animation. He recently graduated with distinction in Digital Film and Animation at London Metropolitan and currently works as a freelance animator.

Boogodobiegodongo by Peter Millard (2012)

I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo and I felt better.

Peter Millard is an animation filmmaker who is based in London and is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art where he completed an MA in animation. He has a large back catalogue of bizarre colourful hand drawn on paper animations that have been screened all around the world at various festivals and galleries.

Champagne Capitalist by Tristan Martin and Faye Planer (2012)

Tiring of her parents' boring dinner parties, a young girl
 comes up with a surprising scheme to make this one work for her.

An artistic partnership struck up at renowned Bristol venue Star & Garter, Faye Planer and Tristan Martin are the principle components of Pestle and Mortar productions. They have now worked on three projects together, ranging from documentary to short film and animation. Tristan heads up the technical side of things, whilst Faye is the artistic and craft mind behind the operation. The ideas come from somewhere in the middle.

Home by Adam DJ Laity (2012)

A miner, carrying a precious ore, tries to get home to his wife and child.

Adam DJ Laity is the son of a Cornishman - his love of the South West has grounded his filmmaking firmly within the landscape, folktales and people of the West Country. He has written and directed films with South West Screen and the UK Film Council and has recently achieved a Distinction in MA Digital Cinematography for Film and Television at Bournemouth University. He founded Black Cat Films Ltd in Bristol to develop and showcase his film work- as a director of photography, a writer, a director, an editor and grader- and is currently developing innovative Slow Cinema projects with some of the most talented creatives in the South West.

Uneskõndija (Sleepwalker) by Stella Salumaa (2012)

A girl has trouble sleeping after her dreams her influenced by her work and daily activities.

Stella Salumaa was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She studied Cultural Theory as a bachelor degree and after that Animation as master degree. During animation studies she also was an exchange student in FAMU (Film school) in the Czech Republic. She has made four films: SWEET DREAMS (2010), PACKED LIKE SARDINES (2010), PLAYING WITH FOOD (2011) and UNESKONDIJA (SLEEPWALKER) (2012). Her last and newest film is pixilation mixed with drawing-film and computer animation. She has also made a music video for young Estonian musician Argo Vals and is currently working on a music video for Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap.

Contest by Lou-Atessa Marcellin (2012)

A study of gestures in the discreet world of beauty contests.

Lou-Atessa Marcellin is an artist living in London. Through the observation of everyday gestures she highlights, and re-interprets human behaviors. Gestures reflect our customs, they tell stories. She choreographs and isolates them to depict our rituals and reveal parts of our individuality. She establishs her interpretation and relationship to the real by appropriating and reconfiguring these gesticulations into narratives. By removing them from their original context, she places greater emphasis on the actions themselves to more clearly define their identity and function.

The First Step by Srdjan Keca (2012)

A recorded conversation with a man standing on the edge of a bridge in London is the starting point for this exploration of the night in the city. In the depth of the night a sense of common fragility emerges, only to be denied us as dawn approaches.

Srdjan Keca studied filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan and the UK National Film and Television School, and now lives and works between Belgrade and London. He has made films in the Balkans (AFTER THE WAR, A LETTER TO DAD), the UK (THE REAL SOCIAL NETWORK), and the Middle East (MIRAGE, which was rescored at Making Tracks in January 2012). Among his recent recognitions are Best Central and East European Documentary at Jihlava IDFF 2012, Best Documentary at London Short Film Festival 2012, Discovery Award at Filmfestival Cottbus 2011, as well as the Best Balkan Documentary award at Dokufest 2011.

All That Mighty Heart (extract) by Jayne Wilson (2011)

Jayne Wilson and the imagined 'Central Office for Clocktime Expansion' invite you to consider mechanical engineering as an antidote to a fast moving life where time is a commodity.

Jayne Wilson produces carefully researched images and films, tinged with humour, that draw on a prevailing interest in archive film and ephemera and in the science of engineering. ALL THAT MIGHTY HEART was her first film.

Off Track by Sundeep Toor (2012)

An abstract animation looking at how more exciting life could be if you go 'off the the beaten path' and find your own way to your chosen destination.

Sundeep Toor is an independent 2D Animation director living in the North East of England. Her latest short film 'Super Fast Samosa' has been shortlisted in the Virgin Media Shorts 2012 competition. Some of her clients include: Hospital records, Kicking Ink recordings, Southern Fried Records, Tiger Shadow, E4 and Beardyman. Her film Off Track was made especially for Making Tracks!

The Chair by Max Lincoln (2011)

Max Lincoln is a filmmaker with a love of dreams, vibrant colours and the surreal. After making several no-budget music videos he released his directorial debut Orange Juice, which was screened at the London Short Film Festival this year. Since then he has made short films on subjects ranging from Geisha to Jacobean thrillers.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Van Gogh’s Chair’ (1888), The Chair is a short film about a struggling painter who starts to become harassed by his chair.

Watch online with live score