Contains Mild Peril! - Sunday 30th October 2011

This Halloween, Whirlygig Cinema will present an evening of frights and delights, of chills and thrills. Behind the closed doors of the secluded and haunting chapel in St Margaret’s House Settlement, we will chill you to the bone with a programme of short films by some fearless filmmakers daring enough to tackle the horror genre. Scare yourself silly with our selection of terrifying tales, creepy music videos, blood-curdling animations and gruesome spoofs, all in the name of good fun old-fashioned horror.

Due to limited capacity there will be two screenings, one at 7pm and another at 9pm. Book for your preferred time or turn up early to guarantee a seat. Meet in the cafe 15 minutes prior to screening time ready to be escourted to the chapel. Booking recommended.

The Chapel @ Gallery Café, St Margaret’s House Settlement, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PL

Poltergeist by Prano Bailey-Bond (2010)

Creeping her way onto the horror scene with award-winning film 'Short Lease' and music video 'Poltergeist', Prano Bailey-Bond has made a name for herself in the last year with her humorous, grotesque and precisely executed filmmaking style. Her work is known for its unique boldness as she blends a dark, horror-esque vocabulary with a refreshing newness that shows how beauty can reside in strange places.

'Poltergeist' is a warped nightmare pop promo in which a girl’s attempt to escape herself results in further disturbing rendezvous.

Credits: Prano Bailey-Bond (Director, Editor), Annika Summerson (DOP), Saffron Cullane (Costume), Natalie O’Connor (Make-up)

Death Carts by Anthony Carpendale (2011)

“They're not going to be pushed around any more!”

Anthony Carpendale is an award-winning filmmaker specialising in ethereal horror, drama, music promos and performance films. He is currently working as a freelance cameraman and editor, while developing feature and music video projects.

In his film 'Death Carts', see what happens when neglected shopping trolleys become feral and crave human flesh...

Credits: Anthony Carpendale (Director, Filming and Editing), Dissolved (Music), Dave Packer (Visual FX), featuring Oliver Wright, Kevin Keohane, Ryan Kerr, Terence Drew, Lisa Carpendale, Darren Carrington.

Death of Phonebook by Iloobia (2011)

Iloobia is a film-maker, animator and visual artist who established the independent studio ‘cinema iloobia’ in 2003. After 23 years of making short films, he has just co-directed KanZeOn his feature film debut, currently screening internationally.

'Death of Phonebook' is an experimental film featuring the ritualistic demise of a phonebook.

Credits: Iloobia (Director)

Vision by Jamie Hooper (2010)

Jamie has been making films for over 15 years ever since his Dad bought a VHS-C camera and he claimed it as his own. After attending college he set up multi-media production company Fingercuff Productions.

'Vision' is the story of a young woman who receives a mysterious DVD in the post. She soon comes to realise even pressing play was a bad mistake.

Credits: Jamie Hooper (Director)

Little Snaps of Horror by Graham Rathlin (2008)

Graham Rathlin is from Belfast but has lived in the East End of London for over twenty years. He was on his way to Los Angeles but stopped off on the Isle of Dogs and found he just couldn't leave. Soon Graham fell in love with the place and began to fit right in. "Cor blimey, the people are so warm and friendly. Everyone leaves their front doors wide open. I'll bet it's not like that in L.A." Graham was a practising alcoholic for many years then one day decided to give up drinking and make films instead. Graham says: "I found this old super-8 camera in the occupational therapy room and the rest is history. I took to it like a duck to water. I've never looked back".

'Little Snaps of Horror' is short horror film set in a photobooth, and centres on the strange things that can happen when you draw the curtain.

Credits: Graham Rathlin (Director), Liam Clarke, Edward Wallis (Cast), Sven Jakob (DOP)

The Ukulele Killer by Dominic Currie (2008)

Dominic Currie used to work as an actor and writer on the London Fringe. In 2007, he made his first short film ‘Jack. T’ which won a few awards at the 2 Days Later Short Film Competition in Margate. Dominic then went on to win the Guardian Short film competition launched by Mark Ravenhill. As part of the prize, he was mentored by Stuart Cosgrove and made a short film for Channel 4. Dom’s motto is ‘maximum creativity - minimum crew, effort and expense’.

Using archive news footage, 'The Ukulele Killer' recalls the terrifying events of yesteryear when a ukulele-playing serial killer roamed the streets of London.

Credits: Dominic Currie (Director) Steve Nisbet, Emma Adams (Cast)

Get Well Soon by Michael Woodman (2011)

Michael Woodman is a musician and writer, based in London. 'Get Well Soon' is his first short film as writer, and he is now working on a feature script, (again for BRAG productions).

Director Jack Burnford works predominately as a Corporate Film Director and has made films for Fuji, The Carbon Trust, The Welsh Assembly Government, Mercedes and many others but his passion lies in directing drama and comedy. 'Get Well Soon' was his first foray into working in this field and he has since directed another 4 short films including one for BBC Comedy. His co-director Ian Baigent has continued to edit a diverse range of work from editing a feature film to short and long form documentaries, commercials and promotional films.

In the film, Janet has been supporting her husband, Theodore, through breast cancer - now that he’s in remission, she realizes their relationship is empty. On discovering she is pregnant, the bathroom becomes her refuge and her prison. The pressure mounts, inexplicable things happen in the house - all leading to the bath.

Credits: Ian Baigent (Director & Editor), Jack Burnford (Director), Michael Woodman (Writer), Gregory Rinaldi and Alison Baxter (Producers), Rory Moles (DOP), Rael Jones (Music), Steve Browell (Supervising Sound Editor), Gresby Nash and Laura Howard (Cast)

The Chamber of Horrors by The Jelly Moustache

The Jelly Moustache began in London in early 2009 when short film Or Kwood was nominated for The London Short Film Festival. This was followed up by low budget hit Something For The Wickend which was nominated for film nights and festivals around the world. In late 2009 The Jelly Moustache secured a regular sketch show on Shorts TV, broadcast across the Shorts International film network in France and America, and in 2010 they produced an online comedy football news show for Shed Media.

Vermes by Marc Burton

Marc Burton is a Nottingham based film maker who comes from a fine art background. His films occupy a space that is often darkly comic. In 'Vermes', a young woman suffering from a cold discovers the full extent of her illness.

Credits: Marc Burton (Director), Jody Capuano (Cast), David Dwyz Wayman (DOP)

Zombie Asockalypse by Paul Bruce (2009)

Paul has directed nine short films, including Edinburgh Arts Council funded short film Mikey Brown (1991). He also coordinates the Leith Short Film Festival. Zombie Asockalypse was filmed almost entirely inside a washing-machine box and has to date been screened at ten film festivals, including London Short Film Festival earlier this year, and has won two awards. The team are currently working on the follow-up...Sockzilla!

Credits: Paul Bruce (Director, Producer, Editor & Cast), Deborah Farnish (Cast & Production Assistant), Gregor Fergie (Cast, Sets, Editor, Producer & Screenplay), Iain Stephen (Music), Justine Blair (Cast & Art Consultant), Margaret Henderson (Cast, Producer, Puppets & Sets), Joe Peat (Cast)